Monday, 25 June 2012

Praying, seeking and ANSWER!!!

Hello everyone! It's been awhile! I know you all have been wondering what has been going on in my life! Well, lemme tell you all what's been happening!

As you read in my last post my time at CdF went very well but it just wasn't a good match for me. After the Skype meeting Wade and I had with ACCI, I had options.

ACCI wanted me to pursue WYAM in South America, however after talking to Wade about it, and other people I trust and of course God! I came up with the conclusion that WYAM was not the right answer for me. A few reasons being that I have already gone to Caprenwray in 2001 and I didn't feel like it would be beneficial for me to go, when majority of the the students are just outside of highschool. And I have been out of highschool for like over 12 years now! Wow that's a long time lol!

So I met with Wade after the Skype meeting. And we talked about options. He then talked to Cameron from Youth World in Ecuador...(for those of you are wondering who or what Youth World is, it's the organization that Heartland Alliance Church partners with).

So here were the options that I was given: Option A. Was to go to Ecuador in the fall and take an Intensive Spanish 8 week course in Quito, Ecuador. While I would be in this program I would be living with an Ecuadorian family, to help me out with the learning process! Then after the 8 week program I would work in one of the places that the Heartland Alliance church (aka HAC!) works with call Argelia Alta or MISION REMANSO DE AMOR COMUNITY CHURCH. That is the place where we went last summer at the end of our Ecuador experience, it's that organization that helps single mom and children. It does a lot of other things too! I encourage you to look at their website! With this plan I'd stay there in Ecuador until August when the HAC youth and young adults team comes in July of 2013! I would return to Canada with them in August. And then pursue a diploma program at Grant McEwan here in Edmonton called the youth and Child Care Worker, it's a two year program or four four the bachelor program. And with that education I could either go back to Ecuador or pursue being a foster care mom.

Or option B: would be going to Grant McEwan this fall and then pursuing Ecuador after I am finished my education.

I prayed about this over and over and I had most of you all praying too. And I came up with no direct answer except my excitement for going to Ecuador kept growing, it was like I was a little girl just before Christmas morning getting more and more excited!

I was still really confused I knew what my excitement wanted, but I kept second guessing it, I was not sure if it was my will or the Lord's will. I knew what I wanted but I didn't know if that was what God wanted! And I had to give Wade my answer by Sunday which was yesterday!

At like 9 I still didn't know a 100% what my answer was... I was praying that God would help me make my decision easier and He did! Here's the cool God story to that!

So it was after work, and while I was at work my flip flop broke. I was shoeless and after work I went Walmart to get new flip flops and in the parking lot I met Jen O'Coin. We started talking and she said one phrase that I have heard for a million times.... "FOLLOW YOUR HEART" I know it's should a cliche and even Jen said that, and she also said that she NEVER says that. But those words were in my head, I heard them over and over and over again " FOLLOW YOUR HEART" I knew right then where my heart was! It was in option A. Going to Ecuador in the fall.

So I texted Wade and told him that I feel God is calling me to Ecuador! I can't believe I have officially said that I am going to Ecuador in the fall! It's now REAL!!!

So what is the next step lol I am not sure! But I'll keep you all posted! Thanks for all your love, support and prayers!!!!

Mucho Gracias.

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  1. Wow, Carla! That is so cool! God is amazing, hey? It says in the Bible that God gives us the desires of our hearts and I believe that doesn't just mean that He gives us whatever we want, but it means that He gives us the desire in the first place! He created us for what we love to do! Our passions are from Him! Isn't that cool!!! :) We're gonna miss you tho.....:(