Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Waiting on God is Hard sometimes

Hello everyone! It's been a long time, I must apologize for that! From the last time that I wrote not to much new has been happening in my life.

The last time I had a decision to make, school here or to pursue Ecuador. With a lot of praying and talking to others and looking deep inside, I realized that my passion was in missions and not so much in school. So I chose to pursue Ecuador.

Silly me I thought it was just a matter of saying yes and going...lol boy was I mistaken.

I have no answers for you all on when I'll be going back. As of right now International Teams is talking to Youth World the organization in Quito Ecuador that Heartland partners. They are talking about an internship for me...I have no idea what that involves or how long it will be or when.

So as of right now I am trying to give it all to God. The song Jesus All for Jesus has been the song that has been playing in my head, the line where is says "all of my ambitions, hope, and plans I surrender these into your hands."Sometimes that is easier said then done if you know what I mean!

So where am I at right now, I am not sure. I am feeling pretty lost...I am not sure if God has officially closed that door to Ecuador or if is just testing my faith in Him.

So in the meantime I have jumped back into being involved at Heartland! Tomorrow I start my jr. high girls small group. As well as I am leading worship in the Grade 1-4 Sunday school class! And youth has started full force!

My job at Robinhood has slowed right down again, as it normally does in the fall, so I am currently (with God's direction) trying to figure out what my next step should be job wise. The hardest thing is I don't know what I wanna do. It's discouraging sometimes. I feel like in the movies..I'm standing still and everything around me is going CRAZY fast and is blurry around me.

Lately I have been under spiritual attack, thought have been flooding my mind and thought...saying things like 'Carla you have failed and let everyone down(in regards to not being in Ecuador yet)' or 'Carla what you thought God was say about you going to Ecuador was wrong' and so on...

I am asking you all to help me pray against these negative thought, for protection so I won't start believing them...which there have already been times when and where I have believed these thoughts. That's when I need God and His truth the most.

Please pray for direction...like do I get an other job while I wait, and if so what kind, do I check out what the requirements are for becoming a foster parent, or do I go to school and if so to take.

All I know is that my ambitions, hopes and dreams are My to be a mother and or be a missionary.

Thanks everyone! I appreciate you all and all your prayers and support more then words can express!

Monday, 25 June 2012

Praying, seeking and ANSWER!!!

Hello everyone! It's been awhile! I know you all have been wondering what has been going on in my life! Well, lemme tell you all what's been happening!

As you read in my last post my time at CdF went very well but it just wasn't a good match for me. After the Skype meeting Wade and I had with ACCI, I had options.

ACCI wanted me to pursue WYAM in South America, however after talking to Wade about it, and other people I trust and of course God! I came up with the conclusion that WYAM was not the right answer for me. A few reasons being that I have already gone to Caprenwray in 2001 and I didn't feel like it would be beneficial for me to go, when majority of the the students are just outside of highschool. And I have been out of highschool for like over 12 years now! Wow that's a long time lol!

So I met with Wade after the Skype meeting. And we talked about options. He then talked to Cameron from Youth World in Ecuador...(for those of you are wondering who or what Youth World is, it's the organization that Heartland Alliance Church partners with).

So here were the options that I was given: Option A. Was to go to Ecuador in the fall and take an Intensive Spanish 8 week course in Quito, Ecuador. While I would be in this program I would be living with an Ecuadorian family, to help me out with the learning process! Then after the 8 week program I would work in one of the places that the Heartland Alliance church (aka HAC!) works with call Argelia Alta or MISION REMANSO DE AMOR COMUNITY CHURCH. That is the place where we went last summer at the end of our Ecuador experience, it's that organization that helps single mom and children. It does a lot of other things too! I encourage you to look at their website! www.remansodeamor.org. With this plan I'd stay there in Ecuador until August when the HAC youth and young adults team comes in July of 2013! I would return to Canada with them in August. And then pursue a diploma program at Grant McEwan here in Edmonton called the youth and Child Care Worker, it's a two year program or four four the bachelor program. And with that education I could either go back to Ecuador or pursue being a foster care mom.

Or option B: would be going to Grant McEwan this fall and then pursuing Ecuador after I am finished my education.

I prayed about this over and over and I had most of you all praying too. And I came up with no direct answer except my excitement for going to Ecuador kept growing, it was like I was a little girl just before Christmas morning getting more and more excited!

I was still really confused I knew what my excitement wanted, but I kept second guessing it, I was not sure if it was my will or the Lord's will. I knew what I wanted but I didn't know if that was what God wanted! And I had to give Wade my answer by Sunday which was yesterday!

At like 9 I still didn't know a 100% what my answer was... I was praying that God would help me make my decision easier and He did! Here's the cool God story to that!

So it was after work, and while I was at work my flip flop broke. I was shoeless and after work I went Walmart to get new flip flops and in the parking lot I met Jen O'Coin. We started talking and she said one phrase that I have heard for a million times.... "FOLLOW YOUR HEART" I know it's should a cliche and even Jen said that, and she also said that she NEVER says that. But those words were in my head, I heard them over and over and over again " FOLLOW YOUR HEART" I knew right then where my heart was! It was in option A. Going to Ecuador in the fall.

So I texted Wade and told him that I feel God is calling me to Ecuador! I can't believe I have officially said that I am going to Ecuador in the fall! It's now REAL!!!

So what is the next step lol I am not sure! But I'll keep you all posted! Thanks for all your love, support and prayers!!!!

Mucho Gracias.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

When God closes one door he opens another

Hello everyone! It's been awhile since I've written on my blog. I thought I'd give you guys all an update. So here I go!

On Friday of last week I received an email ACCI missions. In this email they began to tell me that they had a Skype meeting with Casa de Fe and have decided that that was not a good fit for me. Lemme just tell you that was extremely hard for me to read. I was actually working at the time and I was in the 'new' library in Sherwood Park. So I went to the washroom and the years came. I instantly felt like I had failed you all, myself and God, and a lot so confused and rejected. Because of my confusion I instantly started doubting whether I had actually heard God. It was VERY hard to handle to say the least.

I didn't know what to do so I messages Wade the youth pastor at my home church and he gave me some words of encouragement, and I also talked to Bev Otto and my parents. Everyone that I talked to told me that I hadn't failed anyone. I listened their words but really honestly didn't believe them. I was pretty upset.

I also messaged my parents and mom and dad every so supportive! My dad even sent me a verse found in Ps 40:1 for encouragement!

And then a really cool God story happened that I feel like I need to share! Ok so as I said before I had been texting with Wade. And he told me stuff like God has other plans, and tried to use humour to help me feel better. And then a little while later I had received a picture message from Wade. I opened it up and it was super cute picture of Gracie his one year old daughter which as most of you know me of course it made me smile!!!! So I texted Wade back and said thanks Wade I defiantly needed that to smile! And he was like I am not sure what you are talking about and then he looked and told me that Logan his other one year old had actually texted me that, not him. And then I heard a voice saying 'you are welcome my daughter!' it was a little gift from God! God never ceases to amaze me!

Then Wade suggested I email Argailia Alta one of the minister that the youth and young adults team served last summer. So I did and to my shock they emailed me back in like 20 mins wanting to talk to me more! It just blew me away cuz normally it takes awhile to hear back from people. And if this isn't the path I am suppose to be the door I'm to go thru, I'll see it as a little glimpse of hope that God has my back!

However even after all of this I still felt like I had failed and felt VERY rejected, it sucked to say the least. I then went on with the rest of my 48 hr shift at Robinhood and then church and youth. Church and youth were a good way to distract me and make me forget about the way I was feeling.

But... After youth I was challenged to go back to my feelings instead of pushing them deep inside which I am VERY use to doing. I had a deep God conversation with Joanne one of my best friends! And she challenged me to bring back those feelings and to deal with them. We talked for along time like 3 or 4 hours, which made it 2:30-2:45 till we were done!

Joanne just has a way of helping me process things and asks me questions that I wouldn't have thought to ask or think about. Thru our conversation she asked me 'Carla where did you see God and His Power the most, where did you have to rely on God the most?' The answer to that question is when I was with Jo in Quito with his youth and joining him in his ministries there. Not so much at CDF. CDF was a very comfortable place where I knew what I was doing, and as a result I didn't have to rely on God as much or ever some times I felt like I didn't need Him as much. I was in constant communication with God is Quito. And I heard Him and felt His presence.

And now that I look back at it was almost like CDF was a job and what I did in Quito was the minister. And I know that God wants me in a place where I am in constant contact with Him and constant reliance on Him. To grow stronger in our relationship.

Another thing that was really cool was since being back in Canada I still have been able to minister to the youth in Quito thru Facebook! And the language barrier was not a factor!

I know with out a shadow of a doubt that God is in control of it all. And it is His desire for me to be closer to Him and to fully rely on Him in EVERYTHING! And I am not super excited to see what the next door He has for me to walk thru! Even if it's not Argailia Alta I know God has a plan for me!

So I am asking you to please partner with me in prayer that I would continue to live in God confidence and know that His plan is ultimately better then mine!

I just wanna thank you all in advance for partnering with me in this journey! It's a long journey and not the easiest, but God never said the a relationship with Him would be easy, but He did say that He will never ever leave me or forsake me!

Excitedly waiting for God

Friday, 4 May 2012

First full day back in Canada

Hey! Ok so I am not gonna lie I've enjoyed blogging!!! It's actually fun to tell you all about what is going on in my life! I want to thank everyone for following my blog! And for all your prayers, support and words of encouragement. It was all of you that made my 3 weeks in Ecuador so enjoyable and manageable, I realized I am not alone and that I have a huge team of supporters, and prayer warriors rooting for me! Cheering me on! I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!!!

My first day back in Canada was very relaxing! I did laundry this morning! As well as catch up on survivor on PVR!!! I'm all caught up! And I hung out with Joanne in the afternoon!!! It was nice just to do running around with her! I even drove! And got a Pepsi slurpee, which I was craving!!!

And I went to the Keg with my parent and my brother Curtis!!! I have steak and lobster!!! So yummy!!!

Then came back and watched warhorse with the dillons!!! I love relaxing days!!!

Please pray for me...tomorrow I am doing an interview at the gate about my time in Ecuador! Pray that God gives me the words to say and that I don't studder and mess up. Pray for clarity! If anyone of you wanna come please feel free! It starts at 6:30pm at victory church across from the Tim Hortons and the flying J!

I will keep you all posted on what I hear God telling me to do! And when! Please keep praying I listen carefully!
Thanks!!! Muchas gracias!!!

Alberta bound!!!

What a crazy busy day of traveling! It began at 4:15 this morning...wow that feels like forever ago! Before we left the house Rachel, Jo's mom prayed a blessing over me, in Spanish and my personal translator translated it for me!

Then we were on the road. That was the quietest I'd ever seen Quito, there was like no one on the road! So the drive was very quick!

We got to the airport and I said the goodbyes, well not goodbyes but see you soon!

In the airport My check-in bag was chosen to be randomly searched, so I had to go down to where the airplanes were to watch them search my bag. After that I went on the airplane and headed to Houston!

On that flight I faced a fear!!! I know it sounds like a very silly fear but I am afraid to go to the washroom on an airplane. So all of my traveling I have never gone, until this flight. It was rather scary, small, and I felt very claustrophobic. But I can now say I have gone pee on an airplane lol!

In Houston I was chosen to go into the X-ray spiny machine, to see if I was carrying anything 'bad'. I was clean!

Then I got to spend 5 hours in the Houston airport, it was so boring. For lunch I had orange chicken and walnut shrimp, which was very yummy!

At 5:45pm I boarded the plane to head home. The plane didn't take off on time, we had to wait for like almost an hour on the plane for other passengers that we on my flight that were coming from somewhere else. Because we had to wait the airline gave us complementary tv. Which was nice but my tv didn't work, and I was in the very back of the plane. So the flight attendant moved me to the front of the economy class! So I could watch tv! Which made the flight go by faster!

I landed in Edmonton at 10pm, and boy was it cold! I have become a wimp to our weather here! Joanne picked me up and we went out for wings and steak bites and cactus fries. And just talked and caught up! It was sooo nice to sit down with Joanne and talk!!! I've missed that!

We got home at 12:45am. And my stomach was like what the heck man did you put into me, that's not chicken and rice lol it was/is not happy right now. And my throat is not happy right now either:-(

Tomorrow is a day of laundry, going to the health store and preparing for my interview at the Gate service! The gate service for those of you who don't know, it's a youth and young adults service. It's at victory church, but it's thru heartland alliance!

Well it's 1:34am technically 2:34am cuz my body is still on Ecuador time. So I better go to bed!! Good night everyone

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Last day in Ecuador

Hey! Its my last day in Ecuador, soon I'll be able to see all of you in person and share my experiences!

Today was a very strange day for me emotionally, I wasn't sad, or upset or happy I just felt blaaaa. I'm not sure why that was.

This morning I woke up at 6:45am I was still tried but was starting to get a headache so I drank some powerade and felt better and fell back asleep! I woke up at 9am. Jo went to work at Youth World, and Gabby and Diego were to come get me at noon. So I had a lot of time to kill. And Jo's mom was at Kayla's (Jo's sister) school for parent teacher interviews! Kayla is a very smart student, she got mostly 100% in all her subjects!

So I made myself at home like Rachel told me to! I had some fresh bread and juice! I love their bread here!!!

Noon came and went and still no sign of Gabby and Diego. Rachel came home and called Gabby and something came up and they were running late. So we called Jo at the office. He told me that it was to late now for lunch with Gabby and Diego cuz we were going to see Cameron from youth world and her new baby boy!!! Cameron was one of the 'bosses' that I met last summer when the heartland team came here!

So Rachel made me lunch...rice, beef and plantains! It was pretty good! I am finding that I can't eat as much as I use to, I think it's cuz I'm drinking way more water here then I normally do.

My day didn't really begin till like 1:30pm, so I packed my suitcase and showered and just surfed the Internet.

Jo came back at 2:30 and we left to go to the Youth World office. And he got a phone call from a friend telling Jo that he couldn't make me a bunch of bracelets that I wanted to bring back for people. So we flagged down a taxi and went to the market again! I ended up finding a bunch of bracelets. On the way I was praying that it wouldn't be more then $25 and it came to $21!!!

After the market we went to see Cameron and her baby boy, his name is Graham! He is 3weeks old today so cute!!! It was awesome to see Cameron and hold baby Graham! And I bought him a gift from heartland alliance! Wade I need to give you a huge when I see you from Cameron! Ok!?!

Then after the shirt visit with Cameron we went to Jo's small group! At first I am not gonna lie I didn't want to be there, I was not feeling like being around people, I'm not to sure why. As I said earlier today was a very blaaaa day :-( I can't describe how I felt. I wasn't good tho. And I was praying and praying and praying asking God, why am I feeling like this.

During the meeting time we sang Spanish worship songs and Paul (the guys bday party I went to last night) he spoke it was good. It was in Spanish of course but my lovely personal translator Jo translated it all for me!!! Which I REALLY appreciated!

Then they asked me to share my testimony...on the spot lol yes I did it! And it was very interesting that as I was sharing my mood started to change! Slowly and by the end I was filled with the joy of the Lord! Praise the Lord!!!

When we got home all of Jo's family was up waiting for us to get home!!! Even Jo's sister Andrea and niece were over too! They all wanted to spend that last night with me! They all made me feel so special!!! Words can't describe how special I feel! They truly are my Ecuadorian family! Jo's little brother Juan hugged me and started to tear up saying that he hated to say good bye. And Jo's twin brother Leon gave me a bracelet. So special!!! And Jo told me to expect his momma to break down crying tomorrow morning at the airport. I love Jo's family they are so emotional and wear their hearts on their sleeves, they are so real!

My heart is so confused right now, please pray for me...I won't want to leave but at the same time I want to because I want to see all of you! I feel like my heart is here tho, Ecuador has a piece of my heart! Please pray for me! As I reenter Canada! That I will be able to search out God's will for my life! I don't wanna come back if it is just based on my feeling and love for everything about Ecuador. I wanna come back based on God's will!

Well it's 10:30pm and I gotta get up at 4 YUCK :-( so I better go to sleep!!!
Chao chao! See you all soon!


Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Long day! Happy labor day!!!

Hola! This is my second time writing this post, the first time in not sure what happened but it got deleted >:|

So my day was a long busy but fun day! It was labor day here today in Ecuador!

My day started out with going two buses with Jo and Andrea (Jo's sister$ we went to the market! It was a cool market! I was able to buy a few things! The most important was I got my mom a mothers day gift! I can't wait for you to open it mom!! It's really nice and pretty!

Then we came home on one bus and a taxi. We road in a taxi cuz Jo's head was hurting and he didn't feel well at all :-( poor guy has a 'man cold' lol

For lunch we had tomato soup, and you put popcorn in it! I know that sound weird...but it's actually yummy!!! And we had rice and beef...NOT CHICKEN!!!!!

After Lunch, Rachel (Jo's mom), Andrea (Jo's sister) and I and of course Jo went to a 'Spa' I got a hair cut, manicure and a pedicure. Jo was really funny there...I called him my personal translator lol he was a good sport about being with us woman! It was actually fun! I say actually fun cuz those that know me know that I am not a girlie girl! I don't go for pedicures cuz I HATE people touching my feet lol. But I did it to hang out with Rachel and Andrea! Which was fun! And the crazy thing was all 3 only cost me $21 plus $5 tip! So cheap! I added a pic to show you what the look like!

After the spa Jo's dad came to pick up Rachel and Andrea. While Jo and I watched to one of his guys that he mentors Paul's surprise bday party. While we were walking I saw a statue on the mountain and asked Jo what it was. It was a statue of the Virgin Mary. I thought to myself...man that would be awesome to go up there...maybe next time I'm in Quito!!!

We got to the party! There were a lot of people there! I felt awkward a little bit cuz I didn't know them and could understand them, however Jo translated a lot for me which was really nice of him! Cuz I imagine it's hard to constantly translate esp. when you are with friends and you wanna talk to them in your own language but still want your friend that doesn't speak your language to feel left out! What a good selfless guy!

Ok this is where the story gets cool! I see it as a God moment!!! While we were at the party Jo received a phone call from his parents, they wanted to invite Jo and I to go up the mountain where the Virgin Mary is to see the city at night!!! I thought wow thanks God, He heard my thoughts and wishes about going up to the statue and answered it!

Up on the mountain it was sooo pretty to see all the lights of the city from the mountain! While we were up there I was in awe! And I thought wow mountains are huge and this one wasn't even that big! I then thought of the song Mighty To Save, the chorus says 'Savor, He can move mountains' wow God can move mountains! What a powerful God we serve!!! Kinda made that song more real! That was the first time I thought about it that way, I've seen mountains so many times before!

We also drove in downtown Quito. There are a ton of Catholic churches, like one every block, at least that's what it felt like!

Then we stopped at the place that had a few food trolleys that cooked real Ecuadorian food. And Jo's dad asked me if I wanted to try some Ecuadorian food. I said yes! But first I needed to pee so badly! (it's all the water I've been drinking to stay hydrated!) Jo took me to a restaurant and they didn't have a washroom, and we saw a police station down the road. It was kinda dark going there, it was kinda scary cuz there were a few guys wondering around on the sidewalks. So as we walked there my heart was pounding hard and I was praying for safety. The policeman on duty let me use their washroom there! And on the way back to the food trolleys we ran! We were running my shorts were starting to fall off, so I was running holding my shorts lol

We then met up with Jo's parents and they gave me a piece of meat, however Jo wouldn't tell me what it was until I ate a piece. After I ate it Jo then told me it was cows butt...it was really gross, and even grosser now that I knew what it was lol

Then we headed back home cuz everyone was getting tired. Wow I can believe tomorrow is my lay day here in Ecuador. 3 weeks went so fast. I have done a lot in 3 weeks and I've covered a lot of ground!

I received an email from ACCI missions giving me an assignment that I need to do to prepare myself as I come back to Canada! Please pray for me as I complete the assignment and do a self debriefing about my time here in Ecuador! THANK YOU ALL SOOOO MUCH FOR PRAYING AND YOUR SUPPORT AND FOR FAITHFULLY READING MY BLOG! It means A LOT to me, more then words can express!!!
See you soon! I can't wait to talk with all of you and share my stories and show you all pictures! Don't worry I didn't take nearly as many pics as I did this summer lol


Monday, 30 April 2012

In Quito...back to drinking a ton of water

Hola! Today was a good day, actually quite relaxing surprisingly considering I am in Quito and Jo's life is so crazy lol

I am up at 7, my body was like ok time to get up! And get on with the day! So I had breakfast! Jo finally got up around 8 after bugging him to get up, just like a sister does to her brother lol

We left the house at 9 to catch two buses to go down to the Valley of Quito to a mall. This mall was a stinkin rich mall. It took us an hour from the time we left the house to the time when we got to the mall. It took two buses. Ps I'm still not a fan of buses esp standing on them cuz the traffic is soooo crazy here!

We got to the mall and found out that the pastor that he was meeting there at the mall was not gonna be there for like 2 hrs, he was running really late. It didn't make sense to head back home on the bus and come back cuz it's an hour each way. So we killed two hours in the mall. I had to buy lotion for my itchy legs and power-aid drinks to help keep my electrolytes up. And we just sat around and people watched and talked. Time actually went fast!

They around 12:30 the pastor showed up and Jo had his meeting, I was able to pick up a lot of what they were saying! But then I got bored so I went online with my iPhone, cuz there was a free open wifi there in the mall!

After the meeting we ate and by the time it was time to leave it was like 2:30-3 and I was tried and didn't feel like standing on another bus so I offered to pay for a taxi. It only cost $15 and it was I think over an hour drive with traffic cuz traffic was starting to pick up! To me that was not bad price, for comfort lol! I know I'm so spoiled in Canada! Having my own car and never having to ride the bus!

When we got home, Jo took off to go to the bank and I stayed back at my Ecuadorian home! He's little brother and niece were home. They came into my room and I offered them my iPad for games! They loved that! Their fav game was fruit ninjas lol!

Then I listen/watches one of Wade's sermons online. And then Jo and I watched cardboard testimonies on YouTube!

For supper I had the wonderful privilege of taking Jo and his mom out to Tony Roma's! They had never been there ever in their lives! The food was very yummy, a little more expensive then back at home but total worth it! It was totally worth it to bless them! It was a thank you supper for opening their home up to me!

I back home now and just chilling with Jo and his twin brother! Well honestly, we are in the same room, but not talking to each other! Lol Leo is on the desk top computer, Jo is my iPhone and I'm on my iPad lol! I know it sad but yet funny at the same time! Jo's mom came over to us all and pointed to us all and said 1,2,3 and laughed lol! It was cute!

Please continue to pray that I listen to God's voice! And Jo is sick with a cold so please that he gets better and that I don't catch it! And please pray that I remember to drink water, cuz I need it here in Quito. I am over 9000 feet, today I had like 2.5 liters of water and I am still feeling like I need more! I've have drank that much water before, not even the summer I was here lol but I was not as health conscious! And I my body was not happy with me! This time my body is more happier!

On a side note I miss CDF :-( I miss the kids there, it felt really weird not walking down to CDF and see the kids and holding them and doing therapy with them.

Well I am gonna sign off now! And maybe talk to someone in person lol and then spend time with God! Love and miss you all! And thanks for ur prayers!


Sunday, 29 April 2012

Safe and sound in Quito!!!

Hello everyone! Wow what a long day! But a good day!

I went to Pentecostal church today in Puyo! It was along service! But a really good service! And a bonus was there was a guest speaker that was USA so he spoke it in English and their pastor translated it! So I got to hear a message in English! It was on King David and relying on God in the hard crappy times!

Kelcy and I took a few of the kids from CDF to church! So after church we took them out for lunch! It was really neat to see how much they enjoyed their meal and they were so well behaved! You could tell that a lunch out was a real treat to them!

After lunch I went home to wait for my ride. I got a ride with a few missionaries from the juggle. The ride was long, I had two naps during the trip! I don't know what it is about a moving vehicle but it puts me to sleep! Lol

During the trip to Quito I had to go pee sooooo badly that it hurt. I was praying that God help me hold it or give me a washroom! It felt like forever, and the driver knew where a washroom was. I like bolted out of the van as fast as I could I think the van was actually still moving a bit lol! And I got back to the van and told the driver GRACIAS!!!and he said in Spanish that he didn't want me to pee in the van on the seat lol!

I got to Quito around 9! And Jo and his twin brother came to get me! It's nice to see them again! I told Jo's family all the words I learned in Spanish and they laughed! Lol

And now it's almost midnight so I better go to bed! Please pray for my last few days in Quito that they go well and that God speaks to me...actually not that God speaks to me cuz he's always speaking! Please pray that I will hear God! That's a better prayer! I get to go on the trolley buses again tomorrow! Back to the busy life! I just found out that Quito has over a million people! Crazy!!! No more slow pace life for this girl anymore on this missions experience!
Good night all! And God bless you all!

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Heading to Quito tomorrow

Hey! Wow it's almost midnight here in Ecuador! I've just finished packing up all my stuff. I decided to do it today because tomorrow morning I'm going to church with Kelcy. And I'm not to sure yet the exact time I'm heading to Quito, looks like around 3.

So today I 'slept' in lol it was only till 8 tho, my body is use to getting up early now! And I'm not grumpy in the morning. I think it was tho cuz I have time to wake up on my own! Sounds silly but it makes a huge difference for me!

I actually am proud to say that I was able to light the stove... The stove is the top part right!?! I tried to light it with the lighter but I kinda got scared so I lighted a piece of paper on fire and lit it that way! Whatever works right!?! So I was able to make myself eggs and toast!

In the afternoon Kelcy and John-Paul and I went to CDF to say good bye. :-( it was sad. I got to take pictures of me and the kids! It was nice to see them all one last time. They will always be in my heart! And I honestly could see myself returning in the fall, but I wanna pray about it more and debrief with friends and family and my support team! And the staff at ACCI! I don't want my coming back just to be just it was an awesome time and I love the kids and the staff. I want it to be because I feel and know God is calling me! Know what I mean!?!

We stayed at CDF for a good 3 hrs and then went to supper at a more expensive restaurant here in Shell. I say expensive cuz my meal came to $11 compared to the 2-5 dollar meals I've been buying thus far!

After supper I went over to Patty-Sue's house where Kelcy is watching John-Paul, Patty-Sue's son! (side note Patty-Sue is in the states raising money for CDF!) I went there to watch a movie and tv! Which is a big thing cuz I haven't watched tv in 2 weeks lol in English too!!! I know that's sad that I got excited over tv lol

Then I went home in a taxi! And got home and started to pack up for tomorrow! I'm heading to Quito for a few days before I leave for home! I'm leaving now cuz this ride isn't gonna cost me $150 it'll prob only cost me $50! And this way I can spend more time with Jose-Luis and his family and see his friends again...they have become my friends very quickly! I feels so special and love around all of them! They are all so welcoming and friendly!!! And hopefully I'll be able to see a few people I met last summer like Kristen and Manuel and Cameron- who had a baby not that long ago!!!

Well it's after midnight now I best be hitting that hay! Pray I get a good sleep in the house alone, last night was not bad! This is my last day in Shell! Hopefully not forever tho!

Good night all!
Ps I've attached a few of my fav pics from today!!! Ok I lie prob about 10 pics it was hard to choose, cuz I took a lot of pics of me and the kids! Lol

Friday, 27 April 2012

Last day at CDF :-(

Hey guys! Thanks for checking up on me and what I'm doing!

Well, today was my last official day at CDF:-( however I am gonna go by one last time tomorrow!

Today I got to help again with therapy, and while I was doing therapy with a few children I got to talk to Renee and ask her what she thought I would look like if I returned in September. I got some insight on their goals on how they want the therapy program to work. They want to implement a schedule for the day. Which says which children come upstairs to do therapy and what time! The program and schedule they want to implement sounds great! Very appealing, very promising!

Also today I went around taking pictures and videos of Edison, the boy I've talked about that is deaf! I was taking videos cuz there is a family in the USA interested in adopting him! Please pray it works out! The resources in the USA are so much better for deaf kids!

For lunch I helped serve the food again! The offered me lunch too! It was chicken fried rice and soup! So yummy!!! I love Ecuadorian food!!! Haven't had chicken foot or cow stomach yet tho lol! Apparently they are amazing....not to sure lol

After lunch I was able to take one of the double strollers and take 2 children out for a walk around the building outside, and then come in and get to new kids, I did this 3 times so I was able to take 6 kids outside on little walks!

It was pouring so we called a taxi to drive us home! When I got home I took a nap! Then I cooked plantains...they looked amazing but I found out I don't like plantains. It's the texture that I can't handle! I've attached a picture of the plantains!

After supper I went to young life...a youth group outreach. It's for the neighborhood youth, they play wide games and sing and do a quick message! Most of these youth don't
know the Lord. So it's a good outreach for the community!

When it was over we played in the park for a few minutes and then got a taxi to go back to CDF... We got a taxi cuz it was dark and apparently there is a big boa snake on the loose that likes the woods and path up to CDF. I'm so glad we got a taxi cuz that would be FREAKY to come across a boa in the dark.

So as I say in the beginning I am going to go visit CDF tomorrow to say goodbye to everyone there and hopefully get some pics with the kids!

And this weekend Melissa is gone so I am in the house alone. It's a big house, kinda nervous but I know God is bigger! Lol I'm reminded of the veggie tales where jr the asparagus watches a scary movie and he's afraid at night ! He starts singing God is bigger the the boogie man... Lol. please pray for me, that I can sleep and not be to nervous!

Also a praise report! We found a ride for me to Quito on Sunday morning! With a guy named Ron (I think). He's the head of the missionary ringos in and around Shell! I've met him on in passing! Seems like a nice guy!

Well I'm off! Thanks again for all your prayers and support!


Thursday, 26 April 2012

Roasted peanuts today!

Hey! So this morning started out a little different! I woke up at 6:30 on my own without an alarm! I had a lot of extra time to kill so I decided I'd roast peanuts! The stove here is a gas and the lighter button broke so you gotta light it with a lighter. This catch is the light is a cigaret light. So needless to say I'm a little scared to light it so I got Melissa to do it for me! The peanuts actually turned out not half bad, defiantly not store brand quality, but not bad for my first time!

Then we called at taxi cuz it was raining, and we were kinda running late lol! I can't get over how cheap a taxi ride is tho! To CDF a 15-20 min walk is only $1.50 for a taxi! And when I went to Puyo like the first day I was here which was like 20-30 mins away, was only $5.00! Cheap!

When we got to school! I went to the 'baby room' and was handed one of the 8 month old twins, Leonora! So cute I just love them both! They remind me of the little Kailyn the baby most of you see me holding at church on Sunday!!! They are just so tiny. Prob look like a 3/4 month old, not able to sit up :-( but we are working on it! They are doing great! Ok bad to my day! So I took Leonora upstairs to chapel!

After chapel we did therapy! Her and her sister Elena's goal is to sit on their own! Which as I said before they ate getting better at it! Their best time is in the morning!

After Leonora, I walked around upstairs with Diego and Jacob. They are both learning how to walk! They were just motoring all over the place!

Then it was baby time! We use both double strollers and I carried Amanda! The two strollers went for a walk and Amanda and I went to the little creek that is like 20 feet from the CDF building! She really enjoyed the noise of the water running and the sunshine!

Lunch time followed! I helped serve the food and the cook gave me a plate, here in Ecuador It is rude to not accept food or to not finish what they gave you, even if you don't like it you must eat it to not offend them! It was a yummy noodle soup, rice and sausage and a bean salad. The soup was amazing the rest of it I wasn't a fan of but I ate it! I have actually forced myself too to eat carrots, defiantly haven't enjoyed them but I ate them!

After lunch I went back upstairs to the storage area where all the shoes and clothes that were donated are kept! I finished the job! In total that job took me 3-3.5 hours to go thru all the shoes. Good news...I didn't see a cockroach today while doing the shoes!!!

And I of course rewarded myself with baby time!!! I went down to the 'baby room' and got to play with the babies and hold the kids with disabilities!

Then it was home time! We got a ride home from the guy that drives CDF's van, cuz it was raining...it didn't rain all day long it was actually a really hot nice day, it just seemed to rain at the beginning and end of our day!

At home I ended up having a nap again! Man the heat and getting up early and going all day long tires me out! And the amazing thing is I actually still sleep at night to!

After my nap we had supper, we had a egg and bean burrito! It was yummy! And after supper around 8:30 we went to go play catch with a football on a lighted basketball court! It was fun!

And now I'm waiting for the drier to be finish drying my clothes. The washer doesn't work it leaks water. I really shouldn't have used it but I was seriously out of clothes it was either use a leaky washer or where my clothes inside out or no clothes or just plane where stinky clothes...I chose using the leaky washer! Lol

Well I'm actually tired! I'm gonna pack it in now! Still haven't heard word on when I'll be leaving Shell to Quito please keep praying! Thanks everyone for you amazing support and prayers I appreciate it more then words can say! Love you all


Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Stars are pretty tonight

Hey! Hope all of you are doing well! I can't believe I'll be leaving Ecuador next thursday. The time has gone by so fast! And I have done a ton of things so far! I am thankful that I didn't only come for 10 days, that would have been way to short of a time!

Today was another busy day! I was able to help with therapy all morning! And this time I actually felt like I know what I was doing which is always a good thing!

I was also able to take a few of the kids in a double stroller that CDF has for a walk! Man it is ever beautiful here! The greenery and the trees are just breathe taking! I enjoy going for walks with the kids. The little guy that I had in the stroller Saultin it was his and his twin sisters Yarina's 1st birthday today! During our walk he fell asleep! He was so cute!

For lunch I went to Alexandra's! Where I went the first day at CDF! I had sopa which is Spanish for soup!!! And of course chicken and rice!

I was iMessaging Shawn yesterday telling him I could really go for a big juicy steak and a slurpy right now lol that's is one craving I have!

After lunch I went upstairs at CDF and sorted and did inventory of shoes! Wow there were a tons of shoes all different sizes! It took me all afternoon and still not finished! And I actually saw a cockroach...I didn't kill it I kinda screamed and Melissa killed it lol On a side note did you know that there are cockroaches that have wings and fly...I had no idea! Gross that is all I can say! Ok so back to what I was talking about, I was sorting! And I'm not even finished and I was up there for two hours!

At the end of the day I went into the baby room and held a few of them before I went home! Needed to end on a good note!

So when we got home I was checking Facebook and my emails and the next thing I know I woke up with the iPad on my chest! Like an hour later!

Then I had a tuna sandwich! And watched a movie on Netflix! Then I took Melissa's puppy for a walk to the gym where the dance therapy was happening! The walk was so nice! So peaceful, and the sky was sooooo clear that you could see all the stars!

When I got home I ate papaya!!! Soooooo yummy! I had never tasted papaya before it was amazingly good!! Mi gusta!!!

My legs are doing better, they are still itchy but manageable! And I've been putting on bug spray in the mornings and it seems to be helping!

I'm not sure when I'll be heading to Quito...before may 3 that's for sure! Please pray that I can find a ride to Quito! Thanks everyone! Can't wait to see you all and to talk to you about my time here!


Tuesday, 24 April 2012

A day of therapy

Hello everyone! Today was a good day!

The day started off again with chapel! I enjoy chapel! I'm learning more Spanish songs! This chapel was a little different cuz I brought Amanda one of the girls that has a disability up from the 'baby room'! She really enjoyed chapel time, she was giggling and laughing and sometimes I swear she was even trying to sing! It was great to see her so happy!

Then after chapel it was therapy time ! I took Amanda into the therapy room and we worked on her core muscles. To be able to sit up with support! She did great!

After therapy I went to pre-k and read books and did puzzles with them! And had snack with them! They are really getting use to me and my expectations! Cuz they listen much better! I have come to realize that they understand more English then I thought they did lol

Then it was time for more therapy! This time I had Elena ...she one of the tiny twins, her goal is to practice sitting up! She also did great! She was able to sit up for a good 2 or 3 minutes at a time!!! Which is awesome! And she didn't even get upset! Then it was her nap time!

When i took Elena downstairs for her nap I went to get Michelle! Her goal is to learn how to intentional play...what I mean by that is seeing a toy and intentionally crawling up to the toy and pushing the buttons to make it work. So at first I went hand over hand to put the button to make it spin and then stopped to see if she would push the button and she did!

Then I went to take Michelle back and and got Sautin. He is a twin and it's actually his and his sisters bday tomorrow! His goal is to learn how to
crawl on his hands and knees. He is a army crawler! (On his belly.)

These therapy sessions were great to cuz Renee and Darnelle were there too to ask them questions on what each of the kids goals were so I knew what to work with them with!

Then it was lunch time! I went down to help serve food! It was chicken, rice and soup! I got to try some to!

After lunch I sat in Tandy's office and worked on the questions that she gave me to answer about my time thus far at Shell and CDF. The questions I was talking about last night that I was putting off!

And then after I was done answering the questions I rewarded myself with baby time lol! I went into the 'baby room' and played with the kids! It was a great reward! Lol

After work I walked up the big hill! And I realized that I can now walk up it and talk at the same time! Lol might not sound like a big thing but at the beginning of the time here I could walk up the hill without huffing and puffing let alone hold a conversation, but today I was able to talk to Melissa as we walked up the hill!

So right after work I went to met with Tandy, to answer the questions that she had give me...earlier I messages her asking her if I could email the answers to her and then she could talk
to me if she had any questions...she didn't go for it lol. It was hard to answer the spiritual question and the other questions for the most part were easier to answer.

God has been so good to me this far! He has given me peace here, I haven't felt anxious or overwhelmed once (other then the meeting with Tandy...I don't know why I was so anxious it wasn't that bad!).

This evening I was going to go watch the dance therapy aka dance exercising class but I got talking to some of my youth from back at home! It was nice to connect with a few of them!

Well that was my day in a nutshell! I hope your day was good too! Please pray as I start processing my time here and try to figure out if this is the place for me!

Chao chao for now! Miss you all!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Got pooped on today

Hola! Hope everyone is doing well! I can't believe I've been in Ecuador for almost 2 weeks...time has gone so fast! But I have done a ton of things in the last two weeks!

Lemme tell you all (or y'all for all y'all american people lol) about me day! Today for chapel the kids said the pledge to the Christian flag and the bible in Spanish...I guess one week it's in English and the next it's in Spanish.

After chapel I went down to the 'baby room' the best place in the world! I held Leonora! She is just so tiny! And cute and the best thing of all there is two of them!!!

Then I went into pre-k...I took them outside to put a handful of dirt on a plate! Then inside I put a bit of white glue on the dirt and let the kids mix it! I'm not sure why...that is just what the teacher instructed me to do with the kids! The kids loved it, the texture was awesome for a few and for a few of the kids it was a bit to much!

Then after pre-k I took Michelle outside to play! She is the sweetest little girl...when you walk into the 'baby room' she is the one that pulls herself up in her crib to greet you with the biggest smile every!!! She really enjoyed playing with some toys outside in the cloudy sky. It was nice that it was cloudy cuz it wasn't as hot, still was hot but bareable! I have not worn pants here in Shell once! It just so hot! I love it!

Then came lunch time! And this is when I got pooped on lol. I was feeding a little guy names Frixson his bottle. And I heard a wet fart, and then I felt something warm, and then it was all over my pants and the floor. All I could do was say ah help and point to him and the floor! One of the tias named Heide looked and laughed,..then took Frixson and took him to the tub and hosed him down. I attempted to wash my shorts lol...it was gross to say the least! I told the staff and they said now you are officially welcomed and accepted to CDF lol!

After that I went to go feed the fish! CDF has a pond with fish the grow and feed to one day eat. It was fun to watch the fish all come! Lol yes I know small things amuse me lol

Then I went back into the 'baby room', I changed my first diaper at CDF...this is a big deal cuz the don't use diapers like we do at home. They use two pieces of cloth and then a plastic bag that is shaped like a diaper...you first tie the back of the diaper around the front of the baby, and then flip the baby over and tie the front of the diaper around the back of the baby! It's really strange I know but it works when it's put on properly. If its not you get pooped on lol!

Then it was home time! At home I was working on a few questions that Tandy gave me about my time so far at CDF and Shell! It was all easy until I got to the spiritual questions. Those are the questions I still haven't answered.

I 'took' a break and went to dance therapy which is the dance workout thingy I wrote about a few days ago...no I didn't try it again! I went to play with John-Paul!

And now I'm back at home! I decided to write my blog before I really sat down and thought about what God been speaking to me about. And if this is the place God is calling me too!

Ok I lied now I'm going to the grocery store first then I'll work on the questions!

Pray for discipline lol
Later guys

Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Lord's day

Buenos nochos! Today was a busy day!

I went to church this morning with Lizzy! This wasn't a regular service tho! It was a baptism service. So we walked to the church and then went on a bus. The bus took us to a bible camp.

It was raining like crazy on the way to the camp. And when we got to the camp and were sitting in the chapel area it stopped raining. So the pastor said that we were going to do the baptisms first. So we walked down this path, it was very gorgeous there! I've attached a few pics to show you all how pretty it was!

So we got to the end of the path and there was a 'pool' lol I put the pool in '' cuz it was a cement square, and water ran in it from the little creek and left it thru some wholes to the other side of the creek. It was not your typical American pool that's for sure! That was where the baptisms happened. Three of the pastors went into the water. And I think there were 6 people being baptized, it was really neat to see! And in between each of the people there was a guy that played his guitar.

Then after the baptisms we went back to the chapel. And we sang worship songs. After the singing the guy that was leading asked if the new people would stand up, so I had to stand, and Lizzy introduced me. Then the pastor spoke and we had communion.

After church there was a food and fellowship time. We were to bring our own food and drinks. We all sat in the cafeteria area! It was neat to see the church as one happy family!

Following lunch we moved the party lol to the court...there a big game of basketball and then 'football' aka to us soccer happened! Lol I didn't play...can you guess that I did??? Yes that's right I spotted the cutest little baby boy! He had soooooo much black hair and thick! He was only 1 month old! So cute!

After the games we went to the 'pool' and some swam, and some got throwin' inti the 'pool'! Lol it was funny to watch! I was luck I had a camera and I was a guest they left me alone! Lol

We got back onto the bus at 4 and it started to pour, so hard. It was pretty awesome how God kept the rain away for all day and when we were driving back it rained again! God is good!

At 6:30, Darnelle and I went over to Tandy and Dwight's house for supper! They made southern food! We had homemade baked beans, a noodle salad, and this bbq sauce meat on a bun...so yummy! It was nice to see and chat with them and have something other then chicken and rice!!!

And when I got 'home' I went into the washroom to go to the washroom, and after I was done I went into my room. I felt something crawling on the inside of my leg...so I pulled down my shorts as fast as I could and threw them on the ground. Got on my flip flops and stomped on my shorts over and over again. I heard a crunch and my shirts were wet. So I knew whatever it was it was dead, so I shook out my shorts and sure enough there was a cockroach in my short, which was not dead laying on the floor. Was the most disgusting thing EVER. I feel sooo grossed out. I was actually thinking to God...are you sure that you want me here God in this cockroach infested place. Aaaaaaaaaaa soooo gross! I feel all squirmy. YUCK!

Well I'm gonna go to sleep please pray that I don't get carried away by cockroaches or eaten by them lol!

I'm ready to start week two!!! Please pray everything goes well and I stay safe and get no more bug bites!

Thanks! Love and miss you all!


Ps I've also added pics of the volcanoes...the one that doesn't have snow on it is the active one!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Sickest tree fort EVER!!!

Hola! My Saturday was very relaxing and fun filled!!!

It started off with breakfast with Melissa, Kelsey and John-Paul (the head boss of CDF, she is away so Kelsey is taking care of John-Paul) for breakfast I had pancakes, eggs, bacon and fruit for only $5! Pretty sweet deal!

Then after breakfast, I came back to the house and relaxed! I had a cesta! Which was very nice!

After my cesta I went with Liz to the sickest tree fort ever!!! I've posted pics when I can get them! It reminded me of the Swiss family Robinson's house. And the coolest things is there is a room up top that you can rent. Well I wouldn't want to rent it now cuz it's to old and run down! This place was called Casa de Árbol meaning house of the tree! There was also a swimming pool there! It was raining most of the time we were there but it was still really hot and nice to swim! I enjoyed it a ton! There was also a few caves there too, I went inside with Liz and her friend David...we used Liz's phone as a flash light...it was ok until there were bats that flew right us. They scared me like crazy I actually screamed. Lol David laughed at me lol. I basically ran out of that cave as fast as I possibly could in the dark. It was scary to say the least!

And on the way back we hitched a ride with a family, Liz and her 2 friends rode on the back of the truck, like on the bumper holding on to the canopy that was on the truck and I sat in the back of the truck under the canopy! Cuz I could hang on tight enough, and it was kinda fast and made me nervous and scared!

When I returned 'home' I had a shower and then we have company, a bunch of Melissa and Liz's friends came over. It was nice! A few of them actually spoke English! There was one guy name Henry...Melissa and Kelsey talked to him in English and he talked to them in Spanish. So I knew he could understand English...and then he out of the blue asked me where I was from! I was shocked...for some reason I didn't think he could speak English lol I found out that he was an exchange student in the USA a few years ago! So his English is very good!

All in all it was a great day! I have load some pics! A few of the place in an staying at and a few of the pool and caves! And a pic of the white board...the story behind it is not that long ago this house was broken into. Don't worry tho the security is better now here!

My legs are getting better for itchiness the baking soda is actually working! Thanks mom for the idea!
I am gonna go watch a movie now!

Good night all!

Friday, 20 April 2012

It's Friday!

Hey all! How are y'all doing lol hanging around Texans to much!!! I just love their accents lol

Today for chapel we sang I am free, and I thought of all my Sunday school kids and leading them in worship! I miss leading them!

After chapel I got to do therapy with a child named Amanda! When she I first started she was very stiff and at the end of the one on one session she was very relaxed which was neat to see!

Then I helped out again in pre-k...they are such sweeties, typical stubborn kids, but I enjoy a challenge! Reminds me of a few of the more challenging children I've worked with thru work and thru church!

After that it was lunch time!!! And again I went down to help the tias!!! Feed the children. It's one of my favorite times of the day lol! I helped pass out the lunch to the children and called them by name...they giggled and laughed at my gringo accent trying to say their names lol! And the cook wanted to feed me...so I ate a creamy middle soup that was amazing (had to take a lot of lactose pills for it!!! Lol- and didn't get sick!!! Thanks God!) and I had a beet salad, rice and a battered deep fried beef...oh my goodness what it yummy...Rico!!!!!!

After lunch I held more babies! And later on I hung out with Edison and John-Paul (he is the son of Patti-sue the director and founder of CDF) we walked around the property trying to find grasshoppers and butterflies! And then we took rocks to the creek and thru them in to the water and watched the splush! They really enjoyed it and I can't lie I actually enjoyed throwing rocks into the water lol!

And the day was over! Walked home...good news is the hill is getting easier to climb!!! PTL (if you see PTL-it means praise the Lord!!!)

When I got home I was checking Facebook and emails, and I fell asleep! Had a good 45 to an hour nap! Which was ok cuz at 7 we headed out to a youth group called young life with the older girls from CDF! They really enjoyed it! There were lots of large games! And a little message as well as snack! There were about 30 or 40 youth there ranging from 10-18! A lot of them were neighborhood kids that dont 'know' God. I put know in quotations cuz they know of God but He is not present in their lives. Please pray for the youth of Shell.

There is also a girl in the hospital from CDF...her name is Rayana. She is the girl in on of the pictures I posted a few days ago on her stomach in her bed...well she is in the hospital right now with pneumonia :-(

My legs are still REALLY itchy :-( my. Mom emailed me tonight and told me to mix baking soda and water to make a paste so I did that! My mom is so smart!!!! Love you mom! It is working at the moment! The bites aren't itchy!!! Ah so relief! Please pray it continues to work!!!

Oh a praise report...I was very worried about my bills back at home and not having enough money to pay them...well I just checked my bank account and my income tax return refund was deposited into my account just before a few of my bills were coming out!!! God is good and he provides!!!

Well it's 11:15pm and I'm so tired! I'm gonna call it a night! Good night y'all!!! Lol

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Word of the day callate

Hola!!! Today was another fun filled day! Started with chapel like usual! If you are wondering what the pledge to the Christian flag says it says this.... I pledge allegiance to the Christian Flag and to the Savior for whose Kingdom it stands. One Savior, crucified, risen, and coming again with life and liberty to all who believe.

And the pledge to the bible says this.... I pledge allegiance to the Bible, God's Holy Word, I will make it a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path and will hide its words in my heart that I might not sin against God.

I had no idea what they were saying si I googled it and now I know lol and now you all know too!

After chapel I went downstairs to help the tias with feeding the babies and kids with disabilities! Then we took them outside again! The kids really like to be outside!

Then after baby time I took all the DVDs that people have donated and put CDF on the front, back and on the disk too, as well as I put a E on it for English and an S on it for Spanish! There were a lot of DVDs to label.

That took me until lunch time! And at lunch I helped with feeding again! And hung out with the tias! That is where I learned an new word...callate, which means shut up in Spanish! Lol it's fine to say as a joke but if you are serious it's pretty offensive!

I really enjoy hanging out with the tias even tho I don't speak Spanish that well! They are teaching me a lot of Spanish! And I love hanging out and kinda working with Edison a deaf boy! He is so funny!

In the afternoon I also took a few of the children for little walks around the property of CDF! Even tho it wasn't a big walk or a long walk they still liked it and the funny thing that happened was I was walking Rayana around and turned around and Edison was following me just giggling away, he basically followed me the whole time while I was walking. He was done is work so he was free to do whatever! So ya he just followed me as I pushed Rayana around!

Then after work I was laying on my bed checking Facebook and emails and I fell asleep for like 30 mins and woke up with my hands still on my iPad lol

For supper we walked to this little restaurant called Jonny's, the food was very yummy...rico in Spanish! I had a slab of beef, chicken and sausage and some gupos which are like fries...patata fritas!!!

And now I'm back 'home'. Tomorrow is Friday! I can't believe one week has almost gone and went! It went fast!

I am loving it here! There are times where I feel maybe a bit out of place but those times are getting less and less! Tomorrow I will be walking to CDF by myself for the first time,but at least I know now where I am going. The first couple of days I had no idea lol! Like the first day I went shopping with Darnel in Puyo and we were coming back in a taxi and I had no idea where I was staying! We had to hook up with Melissa (one of the girls that works at CDF and I'm staying with her at the girls house) to find out where I was staying lol. Luckily she was easy to spot, she's a white gringo amongst the Ecuadorean people in the dance aerobics class lol!

Wow even with the nap I am exhausted! I think I'll go and spend time with God and then call it a night!

Please pray for my legs lol they have itchy bug bites all over them, I know that may sound like a silly request but my legs are very itchy. They are not Mosquitos tho apparently they are like little tiny flies that bite you. And yes I am wearing bug spray...I could wear long pants but it is way to hot here for long pants! Tonight tho walking back 'home' was a bit colder,... frio! And also pray for a good nights rest, I'm not really sleeping that well at night...however God is sustaining me and giving me the strength to carry on thru the day! Praise the Lord I haven't gotten sick at all, haven't had to use any poop medicine!!!! Please pray it stays that way lol!!!
Buanas nochos!!! Dios te bendiga!!!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Two left feet!

Hola! Lol I'll explain the title later! So my day began with baby time, I joined the team that is here from Texas (I road here with them) and we took all the babies and kids with disabilities outside! The awesome thing was I was able to take a little girl named Dolly outside in a wheeled chair, she just loved being outside...the Tias (what the kids call the staff there...english it means auntie!) told me that she never gets to go outside, because she is normally in physo therapy or having her ventalin treatment. So that was very special for her to go outside! She was smiling and giggling the whole time! It was really awesome to be apart of!!!

After that I went into the pre-k class and learned about rain! And they did a craft! They are so cute, there are 6 of them!

For lunch I got to go downstairs where the kitchen and rooms where the kids sleep are and help out with feeding the babies bottles! That was fun too lol I know doesn't sound like much fun to most people but I loved it, I was totally in my genre!!!

After lunch I helped feed one of the girls with special needs eat and I hung out with a boy names Edison! He is deaf...the cutest little boy ever!!! I talked with the Tias and learned sign language to be able to talk to Edison! He is so funny! I learned more
Spanish and taught one of the tias the body parts in English and she taught me them in Spanish!

Then after work we hiked up the big hill to come home. I am walking so much my shorts are becoming loose on me I always have to pull them up! Lol

I ate a small snack when I got home cuz at 6 I decide to go to a dance exercise class at the locate gym! Wow was it hard!!! This is why my blog today is called two left feet!!! I have to left feet, once the dancing got fast it got to difficult for me to keep up! And after like 5 minutes I was sweating buckets! And out of breathe...the higher altitude doesn't help at all lol it was a not bad of a class, not sure if I'll be doing it again, but it was fun to with others do it! And best of all it's a free drop in class, there is like 3 or 4 instructors that switch off every 20 minutes, and one does aerobics and another does the dance, lots of salsa moves. It goes from 5-8 it's a drop in thing so you don't have to stay the whole time! It's hard tho! Defiantly a good workout!

Now it's 9:10 and I'm finally relaxing! I going to go to bed soon, last night there was a crazy storm, the thunder and rain was sooo loud it woke me up
a few times! And even today there were a few huge down pours of rain! And pretty much all the buildings have tin roofs so it makes the rain extra loud! I guess they don't call this the rain forest for nothing!!!

I'm actually gonna go spend some time with God!!!
Love you call and thanks for praying for me!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Taught pre-K today!!!

Hola, buenos nochos!!!
Today started off with chapel again! The kids sang a few songs, sang the anthem and said the pledge to the Christian flag and the pledge to the bible!

I was going to follow around one of the rehab staff but the teacher from pre-k had to leave so I taught the class most of the morning! I taught as well as learned myself that Feliz is happy, triste is sad and enojado is mad! As well as circle is círculo, rectangle is rectángulo and triangle is triángulo!!!it was fun! There were a few trying times but God gave me patients to get thru it! And most of them didn't know English!

Then in the afternoon I got to play with babies!!! There were a new set of twins, girls...Elena and Leonora! So cute, and tiny...they are 8 almost nine months old and the size of a two or three month old. They are both bit delayed, can't sit, or hold a bottle or roll over. They were abandon when they were born cuz mom got pregnant with them like a few weeks after she had a baby,and she could take care of 3 babies and like 4 other kids. They are just so precious! I wanna keep them both!

Little Diego was not himself today, he got his vaccination needles yesterday, so today he wasn't a happy camper. Very sad and tired all day. Poor little guy:-(

Tonight is a very relaxing evening. I had the opportunity to go to a dance workout thingy but I decided to pass, I'm just to tired, maybe I'll try it tomorrow night! It's a free class and it runs every night from like 6-9 and it's a drop in thing! I just might die lol doing it, I can't even walk up a flight of stairs and not be out of breathe...being over 9000 feet altitude is hard on my
Body and lungs!

This morning the sky was so clear that you could see all three volcanoes around Shell! And you could also see the one that is active spit out ash! It was cool! I guess last yr the town Bano which is at the base of the active volcano had to be evacuated! And Shell had ashes fall like snow.

I just found out that the therapy lady that I told you about yesterday, I went shopping with her...( her name is actually Darnel) she is in the hospital right now...they think she might have appendicitis do the doctors are watching her for like 18 hrs. The good thing is that the hospital is actually really good here...it's run by missionaries! So she is in good hands! But please pray for her! I know she would appreciate the prayers!

Praise report...I'm starting to
Sleep really good at night and actually wake up refreshed in the mornings and also wake up before my alarm!!
And I'm feeling really good health wise, no cold, no headaches and walking up the HUGE hill (bigger then Connors hill in Edmonton...would be sick to sled down lol) is getting easier!!!

Please pray for clarity and to be able to hear from God if this is the place for me! I am really starting to like it here! It's a lot slower paced then Quito, and I can't believe I'm saying this...but I'm missing the business lol but getting use to the gorgeous scenery that you see in the pictures below!!!
Well I'm gonna go have some quiet time with God!
Dios te bendiga
Ps I've attached a few pics of some kids too!