Friday, 4 May 2012

Alberta bound!!!

What a crazy busy day of traveling! It began at 4:15 this that feels like forever ago! Before we left the house Rachel, Jo's mom prayed a blessing over me, in Spanish and my personal translator translated it for me!

Then we were on the road. That was the quietest I'd ever seen Quito, there was like no one on the road! So the drive was very quick!

We got to the airport and I said the goodbyes, well not goodbyes but see you soon!

In the airport My check-in bag was chosen to be randomly searched, so I had to go down to where the airplanes were to watch them search my bag. After that I went on the airplane and headed to Houston!

On that flight I faced a fear!!! I know it sounds like a very silly fear but I am afraid to go to the washroom on an airplane. So all of my traveling I have never gone, until this flight. It was rather scary, small, and I felt very claustrophobic. But I can now say I have gone pee on an airplane lol!

In Houston I was chosen to go into the X-ray spiny machine, to see if I was carrying anything 'bad'. I was clean!

Then I got to spend 5 hours in the Houston airport, it was so boring. For lunch I had orange chicken and walnut shrimp, which was very yummy!

At 5:45pm I boarded the plane to head home. The plane didn't take off on time, we had to wait for like almost an hour on the plane for other passengers that we on my flight that were coming from somewhere else. Because we had to wait the airline gave us complementary tv. Which was nice but my tv didn't work, and I was in the very back of the plane. So the flight attendant moved me to the front of the economy class! So I could watch tv! Which made the flight go by faster!

I landed in Edmonton at 10pm, and boy was it cold! I have become a wimp to our weather here! Joanne picked me up and we went out for wings and steak bites and cactus fries. And just talked and caught up! It was sooo nice to sit down with Joanne and talk!!! I've missed that!

We got home at 12:45am. And my stomach was like what the heck man did you put into me, that's not chicken and rice lol it was/is not happy right now. And my throat is not happy right now either:-(

Tomorrow is a day of laundry, going to the health store and preparing for my interview at the Gate service! The gate service for those of you who don't know, it's a youth and young adults service. It's at victory church, but it's thru heartland alliance!

Well it's 1:34am technically 2:34am cuz my body is still on Ecuador time. So I better go to bed!! Good night everyone

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