Monday, 15 July 2013

Commissioning weekend!

Wow what a great weekend! Heartland commissioned the team in all 3 services and after we sold Dogs for not real dogs lol balloon animal dogs and hotdogs! 

A really cool story I wanna share with you all is, on Saturday night, pastor Barry was praying over the team (commissioning us) and while he was praying there were HUGE claps of thunder. And God gave me a vision of God and Jesus and the angels cheering as Loud as they could, stomping their feet in agreement to what Pastor Barry was saying! It was soooo cool!!! 

After and during the weekend I was truly amazed and honoured as I watched and saw how much support our team, we know that we have a huge group of people that love us, support us and that are praying for us! And I know that we could not do this missions experience without everyone of them all! 

I can't believe that this is the last week!!! I've been counting down from like January lol even b4 that! Feels like SO long ago! And now this time next week we will be in the Houston airport waiting for our connecting flight to Quito!!! 

This week is going to go super fast for me I know! So much to do so little time lol! I suppose I should start packing too hey!?! 

Here is a picture of our team getting commissioned, see if u can spot me out! Lol I don't blend in that well lol! 

Thank you all for your prayers n support! Please continue to pray for our health, for our team unity, for safe travels and please pray against spiritual attacks! 


  1. What an awesome confirmation, Carla! We'll be praying for you and the team.

  2. God Bless each and everyone of you. You are very courageous. You are doing a beautiful service to many. Our prayers are with you.

    Nancy & Al