Tuesday, 30 July 2013

God is ALL powerful

Hola amigos! So today was a great day! Even tho it started at 5:30am! 

Today we went swimming with the kids and had lunch with the kids! It was sooo much fun! I never went swimming but I still had fun!!! I had a chance to use my big lens! 55/250 it takes awesome pictures!!! Here are a few that I was able to capture!!! It definitely capture how much fun the team was having with the kids! 
Cool story! While we were at the pool a gentleman came up to me with his little girl, and asked me if I remembered her, at first I didn't but then he explained that the last time we were there his little daughter had a brace on her legs to keep her legs separated and her hips in place and she couldn't walk and was in line for a surgery to fix it...we prayed for her that Sunday and today she is walking n running like little girls her age do! It was sooo cool to see God's handy work! To see that the power of pray works! That there is power in His name! It brought a tear to my eye! 

The day ended for us a bit early! Which was nice to just relax and rest! And for supper we went to an Argentina restaurant where I had what I was told was a sausage with 'bacon' in it...sound pretty yummy right??? Lol nope it wasn't! It was nasty! It tasted like liverwort or whatever you call it and it looked GROSS. But it was an experience right! 

So another sweet super cool God nice happened tonight at debrief!!! Ok so we were in debrief and talking about yesterday's experiences and like 75% or more said that they were sooo angry all day...and as I was listening to them my stomach was in knots n doing summersaults and I heard a voice saying there is a strong spirit of anger in the place, and I needed to share...and I was like NO WAY man! And the feelings just got worse and the voice just got louder so I said it! And after the Ashley from youth world said she knew I was to say something n was praying I would! It was super cool to say yes to God even when it is scary! 

Please continue pray that I keep saying yes to God even when it is hard! Thanks guys! Good night guys! 

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  1. That is an awesome story. Just goes to show you, that God works even when we don't see the results. And sometimes, like this instance, He shows you the results anyway! Praise God.
    Love you,