Monday, 22 July 2013

It's finally come!

Hey everyone!
So the day started at 1:30am, we had to meet at Heartland! We were prayed over by Pastor Wade and the parents! It was a really cool experience and really cool to know that SO many people are back at home praying for us! 

So at 2:15 we loaded the yellow school bus with all our suitcases! Wow it was nice to not have to drive as a team to Calgary before we flew out! 

We arrived at the airport at 3am! We went through security and customs very smoothly! 

And now we are sitting in USA territory waiting to board the plane! However at the current moment we are waiting till the weather passes! There is a sever weather storm, with lots of rain n lightning! 

So we have a group of kids playing Dutch Blitz! And groups just sitting a chatting! Everyone is in good spirits! 

12:42 and we are in Houston! I personally didn't make it to takeoff! I was fast asleep before we took off! 
This is half the team everyone else is taking washroom breaks! 

Our role call is doing so well! We are actually getting fast at saying our numbers, much better then the last times team! 

Now to wait til 5:30 when we leave! Praise The Lord we made it this far! 

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  1. Carla, I love the commitment you have to the blog! Keep it up and help us know how we can pray for you all. We miss you already.

    The Dillon Family