Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Hello everyone! 
As I ended me post yesterday I mentioned that our team was under attack...God showed me a pretty amazing vision last night as I was going to sleep I was praying for protection God showed me Angels standing on guard at the hostel's gate and on guard at each bedroom! They were gigantic and they holding huge swords n shield, and there were flaming arrows coming towards them. 

And at debrief tonight I was able to share what I saw, and three team mates had nightmares. God was able to use the vision that He gave me to bring encouragement to the rest of the team! 

Now on to what happened during the day! We were able to go to La Roca where we got the privilege of listening to Brock's story n how La Roca came into being! Pretty amazing God story! If u are interested message me or ask me in person! 

After the 'orientation' we got to hang out with the skaters! A few of the guys were able to board as well as a few of the girls got to learn how to board!!! It was pretty cool to watch! 

For lunch we went to this place! 
It was pretty yummy food! I had soup, rice, and beef ribs and a fruit juice with oatmeal blended into it! Everything was yummy! Mi gusta! 

After lunch we did a bible study with the boarders! 
Which was pretty cool! It was really cool to sit on the concrete floor that we layed the last time we were there! And the generator that the team donated last time we were there be used! 

After that we went to do VBS (Vacation Bible School for the kids) there were probably 40-50 neighbourhood kids, which was pretty sweet to see! 
We coloured outside with chalk 
We did a play about Moses 
Balloon animals
Patto Patto duck goose!
And jumped on a trampoline! 

And of course I found two babies!!! 

My favourite part of the day tho has to be leading the kids in worship today!!! I loved seeing the kids follow my actions in Mighty To Save! It took my breathe away!!! It was also really cool to see the team in the midst of the little ones, even the big guys!!! (They made the kids look even smaller lol)! I just love see kids worship God thru songs n actions! It just fills me with Joy!!

Please pray that everyone has a great night rest/sleep! Tomorrow is full of painting n other odds n ends there at La Roca as well as in the afternoon we are doing more VBS!  

Good night everyone n God bless you all!!! Thanks for partnering with me n the team as we are in Ecuador! Please continue to pray against attacks that Satan will try to through our ways! GOD IS POWERFUL! THERE IS POWER IN HIS NAME! 

"For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." (Matthew 18:20)


  1. HI there Carlita! Now that we are home I will be able to keep up with your posts...I'll be praying for you guys! Remember, Jesus goes before you, Jesus goes behind you, and He is also right beside you...while at the same time you are His hands and His feet. Be filled with courage and boldness as He leads you. He will take great care of you! Hugs!

    1. previous comment was from Anne at church. :)

    2. Jennifer Bouma25 July 2013 at 22:59

      So blessed by your posts! Thanks Carla! We are praying for you guys! Lots of love to you and the team!