Wednesday, 10 July 2013

My word is Rest!

Good morning! As the team was preparing for Ecuador Danielle asked us to all come up with a word that we want to see God teach us about or areas where we need to grow! 

My can't remember my original word but I have adopted the word REST! I have chosen that word cuz for me it's very hard for me to stop and rest and really do nothing! Every time I've got a spare moment I'm always finding stuff to do! I find that resting is boring lol! I feel like I have to go, go, go! I'm betting a lot of you can relate! 

So my prayer is that I will learn how to REST! Not to feel guilty or bored or just fall asleep (and I see that as waisted time...I could do be doing instead of sleeping!) when I do take time for myself! I'm the last few weeks I've started spending more time with God, and also learning to REST in Him and REST in the Promises He has for me! 

In Ps 46:10 it says 'Be Still and know they I am God' and that's what I'm learning! Just to be still and rest in Him! And honestly there is no other place I'd rather be, I realize that when I'm there, but I'm not gonna lie getting to just be still and rest in Him is hard for me sometimes to get to! My prayer and desire is for it to become natural for me to rest n be still in God! And for disciple to get myself there! Without feeling guilt that are other things I need to do! When those things can wait! 

Another thing I hope to learn is how to enjoy most of you know...I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON! Lol I'm not sure if that can change but its worth a try right! Just to clarify I am not mean in the morning, I just don't say anything! I've been told in the past that I am not a joy to be around in the morning lol, I know I'm not my outgoing bubblie self in the morning! Lol It's my goal to work on that to be more of a morning person! Lol that will take some work cuz I've ALWAYS been like this...have ALWAYS hated mornings! Lol I've said that I think mornings are a result of the Fall of Man in the Garden of Eden lol 

Please pray for me as I learn how to rest and be still in God as well as learn how to become a morning person! Lol hopely the last request isn't a lost becoming a morning person lol I know NOTHING is impossible with God!!! 

Well I better go! I get to go swimming n play outside again today! Can I just say that I LOVE my job!!! 

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