Sunday, 28 July 2013

Done at La Roca...Byes are never fun

Hey! Well today was another emotional roller coaster kinda day! 

We started the day off at church! It was really cool to go there again! What was really cool is I recognized people from the last time I was there with the team in 2011! 

Actually super cool story I just must share with you!!! Ok so during the service I of course found a baby! A two month old little baby girl her name was Nina!!! So precious! I held her for most of the service! And at the end of the service I was still holding her and a gentleman can up to me n did the traditional Ecuadorian hug n kiss and then showed me a pic that was on his phone! Lol it was me holding a baby pretty much in the same place I was this time two years ago! Lol it actually is my blog profile picture!!! That was SOOO cool to see!!! And crazy that he still had it on his phone being it was over two years ago! 

Ok back to the things that happen today!!! So at church I created a slide show of some pics of what we did this week there at the La Roca n the VBS! And then we sang 'Father I adore You' in English n Spanish. Then Danielle spoke! It was a great service!!! 

Then after we took pictures! Here's a few! 
The girls!!!
The whole team
The boys! 
My roomies!!!

And then we went for lunch! We had can u guess!?! Lol yes chicken n rice! After lunch we went to one of the skaters house Patricio! This was a HUGE!!! Beautiful house! It held about 50 people just to let u picture how big it was! It was a lot of fun! 

We had supper there! I didn't have their supper cuz they ordered pizza! I had a chicken salad! Crazy thing is I was CRAVING vegetables! Which is nuts cuz I never ever crave vegetables! 
Here are a few pics of our day at Patricio's house! 

Then came time to say good byes, it amazed me how after only a week how close we got to these guys! It's really cool to see the guys grow! That's the purpose of us going! To grow n go! To plant the seed of The Lord! In a lot of these guys we have seen them grow! Some of them have graduated from school n now r going to university! And what's really awesome to see is how much these guys have grown in God, and to see how much La Roca has grown! I remember the first time I came the skate church had like 18-20 guys and now at skate church they had over a 100! And it's cool to see the guys develop into leaders! I'm so blessed to be a part of this ministry! 

Please continue to pray that I stay health as well as the team! Please pray for me also that I keep it real! Lol that sounds funny but on a serious note I don't wanna be fake! I wanna be real n genuine! And not shut down! Lord keep me open!!! 
Good night all! 

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