Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Only two weeks minus one day!

Hello everyone one! Wow it's been a long time since I have written...almost a year! Crazy how fast time goes when you are older! I remember as a kid time seemed to stand still! Lol

In this blog post I will let you all know that has happened in the last year or so! What I can honestly say is that I am not where I thought I would have been that's for sure, however over this past year I have definitely learned that God does have a plan and He knows better!

Over the past year God has helped me work on quite a few issues that I didn't realize that I had to work on to become emotionally healthy! One major one came out in October of last year. As most of you all know that I had to say Good-bye (what I thought was forever) to a precious little 16 month old that I had gotten really close to...she was a foster daughter to my very close friend and I had developed a strong bond with her. When I found out that she was going back to her birth mom, my heart felt broken...I honestly didn't think it would effect me as bad as it did, I was very shocked how much I cried... I remember saying that there must be something wrong with me cuz the tear wouldn't stop! I was reassured that this was normal and they would stop when they needed to. This whole opened up feels that I didn't know I had, as well as made me realize that my fear of saying Good-bye was very strong as well as questions like why didn't my birth parents want me. God really opened up my eyes on how much He loves me, and wants me and has a plan for me.

And the happened ending to this story is I am still in contact with her!!! I get the privilege of taking her to church every Sunday! As well as God is totally using me to speak to her mom and mom's boyfriend! God is an amazing God, there has been a lot of times where He has given me the exact words to say in different conversations! I am with God's help planting the seed!

Currently for work I am a nanny thru Robinhood to a 2 yr old and a 5 yr old...keeps me busy and out in the sun, which has two things I absolutely love kids and sunshine!

And in my free time...I am highly involved at my home church Heartland Alliance in the youth program there!! I am a small group leader to some pretty awesome young women of God, this passed June I had the honor of baptizing one of them!!! As well I am involved in planning and assisting in leading you events! I love it!

So by now I'm betting that you are wondering why I called this post "Only two weeks minus one day" we'll lemme tell you!!! In two weeks minus a day I will be in Ecuador! I've joined the leadership team in helping lead a group of 26 youth and young adults. We are leaving July 22! The team will be returning on Aug 2 and I getting the privilege of staying till August 15!!! While I am with the team with will be working along side of Youth World again! Visiting and working along side La Roca, Argalia Alta, and Casa G the three places we were at in 2011! 

And after the team leaves I will be staying in Quito at Jose Luis's (aka Jo) family's house! I stayed there when I was in Quito in April 2012! I am not sure exactly what I will be doing while I'm at Jo's house but I will keep you all updated! I'm guessing more crazy bus rides! Lol

Well I guess I had better turn in for the night, but I will be back tomorrow! Good night all! 

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