Friday, 26 July 2013

Good morning

Hey! Sorry I never posted yesterday I was just to tired, physically n emotionally! However I still couldn't fall asleep last night...but I didn't want to write or talk, n I had the strong desire to be alone, which is very odd for me, as most of u know I enjoy being around people. So I just spent the time I was laying in my bed last night while everyone was sleeping praying. Not sure what I was praying for but I was praying n the Holy Spirit kept filling up my words! 

Yesterday, we painted a lot! As well as we did VBS with the kids! I lead worship again with Hannah! Which I just love seeing the kids worship God! And it doesn't matter that there is a language barrier we serve the same God! 

Please continue to pray for protection against spiritual warfare! Satan is definitely trying to defeat us but with God be will NEVER!!! 


  1. Loving these updates, Carla! Keep 'em coming!

  2. Hey, how did I miss this post? Glad I checked back on older posts.

    Miss Carlita, these are great action shots! I really enjoyed them!

    I continue to pray...Our Master has taught us that the battle is best fought on our knees...and yes, the battle should be considered as WON! There is no match for God. Who can stand against HIM???

    Hugs, *Anne*