Monday, 29 July 2013

Painting n children!!!

Hey! Today was the first day at Ramanso De Amor in a little town of Argela Alta! It was an EARLY morning start! But not as early as tomorrow! Where we gotta leave at 6:30, but today we left at 7:30. 

When we got there, there were just a few kids, and then like 15 minutes last there were like TONS of kids! Here are some pics of the team with the kids! 
A birds eye view from the roof of the school! 
Danielle doing the human knot with the kids

And then we painted!!! I painted too! 

And we also did yard work

It was a fun filled long tiring day! This evening for debrief we had a worship and reflection time! It was great to sit and worship God together! 

I know that this is a really short post but I am exhausted and I need to get up tomorrow at 5:30....YUCK! Please pray for me that I can get well rested and not be grumpy!!! Also pray that God gives me energy for tomorrow we are going on a field trip, taking the kids swimming! Please pray that everyone stays safe! And has a lot of fun and that many relationships are formed! That the teams last few days are amazing and God filled! Thanks guys!!! Good night!!! 

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