Monday, 12 August 2013

Aug 9-LONG DAY!!!

Today was a super duper long day! We left Quito at 6:30pm yesterday and hopped onto a bus to go to Loja! It was a LONG bus ride, the longest I've ever been on a bus for a period of time. There wasn't even a stop. So I had to pee in the little toilet room in the bus. Boy was that a experience! I've never peed on a bus before or an airplane cuz I'm afraid of in closed spaces like ya that was not a fun experience at all. 

The bus ride felt like a 100 years! I did watch Pitch Perfect, and part of the Hobbit, and part of le mis. I say part cuz I fell a sleep in the middle of both, enough to miss the important parts of each movie so I had no idea what was going on. I slept some of the drive but not as much as I wanted to. 

We arrived in Loja at 5:30 am needless to say I was not my happy bubbly self, as most of you know I HATE mornings! We unloaded the bus, and waited for a Pastor and when he came, he came with a big moving truck, oh ya I forgot to say that Ecuadorians pack A LOT for only 4 days! Even Jo said that! They had just as much stuff as the heartland team did and we were here for 12 days... If not more stuff then them! So back to my day! The moving truck came and we packed the back of the truck and the team piled into the back n we closed the door!!! It reminded me of a truck in the movies that snuck  immigrants across the boarder... Sorry if that sounds racist I don't mean it too! 

We then drove to the church and had devos and worship time, again that was hard when you are sooooo tired! It was on goodness, and God's goodness to us His children!  Then we had breakfast, bread and coffee and juice. 

After breakfast we did a bit of touring of Loja, the downtown! It was really cool, there are a lot of Catholic Churches there, and BIG and OLD!!! 

We toured for about an hour and a half then we hopped another bus and headed to Celiac another 4.5 hour bus ride... For the first hour I hung my head of of the window and enjoyed seeing God's amazing creation, and singing worship music, like Mighty To Save, I imagine God moving the mountains that we were driving thru!!! The rest of the time I slept , and attempted to watch movie of the Hobbit, but again kept dousing off lol! Maybe I'll have to watch it another time, I hear its soooo good! 

The drive really hurt my ears cuz like the whole time we were climbing up a mountain, I can definitely feel the higher change of altitude! When we arrived another pastor came to get us, he had a truck and we loaded the back of the truck. And a few of the guys hung on the back to the church, I road in a car to the church and the rest of the team walked, I told Jo I wanted to walk but he made me ride. Not sure why he would not tell me! 

When we got to the church we set up our rooms I am in the girls room obviously lol. And a few of them speak a bit of English. Ps I must add that the floor is HARD and we are sleeping on the floor, in sleeping bags, the floors are harder then sleeping on the ground! Praying I can sleep, I'm guessing I will be able to cuz I'm exhausted!!! 

After getting set up we had supper, can u guess what it was... Lol chicken n rice! On a bonus side note...guys stop reading lol my bras are getting bigger on me!!! Lo ok guys u can continue reading! 

In the evening the team practiced their dances to Spanish songs! It's really cool to watch them! And Jo created all the choreography for the dances!!! They are very well done!!! 

After practicing we went to the town square and they did a "flash mob" I said it in "" cuz in North America a flash mob is where u go into a mall or somewhere public in a crowded place and music starts, and a group of people in the midst of the crowd dances, this the public was sitting in the stands watching! The dance was to Undignified by the David Crowder Band! It was cool!

Then we came back and did debrief... The question was what was your high and low of your day! My low was obviously the LONGEST bus ride of my life, and my high was either holding a baby girl!!! Or learning more Spanish with the team! This team is pretty amazing almost as close to my family/team from heartland!!! Which I must add I MISS YOU GUYS A TON!!!   

This team also say that the love my hugs...I don't mean this to sound bad or to sound like I'm all that, but I don't why my hugs are sooo special! But hey if they are then I'll use them to bring God glory! Ps it's easier to encourage someone with a hug then words for me! 

Well it's late and I'm exhausted I must sleep! Good night!

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