Friday, 16 August 2013

Last days in Quito :-(

Hey! So I know I missed a day! That was Wednesday the 14th...there wasn't much to write, as I was stuck in bed pretty much all day...soooo boring however I did sleep a ton and I did rest! My second last day and I rested! That was my word, at the very beginning...REST! Well I rested! It was a forced rest but now that I look at it it was a much needed rest! 

In the evening Joe left to help lead another missions team from his church, this one, he was going to the beach! He left at 10pm, I honestly didn't think that saying goodbye to him would affect me soooo badly! I didn't think I'd cry, but I a baby! I think it was a mixture of saying goodbye (and as I wrote a few weeks ago I hate saying goodbye), being sick, and being emotionally and physically drained! I found myself crying for like an hour, talking to a few of you back at home, I was grateful for you as you walked me through how I was feeling and what was going on inside of me! It definitely helped! Thank The Lord for today's technology!!! Go iMessage! 

A sweet God story tho was like after I was finished crying and talking with a few of you, I heard a door open, and heard a voice that sounded a lot like Joe's...I went out to the dinning room n sure enough it was! He had came back cuz he had forgotten a guitar and his retainer! I took that as a gift from God! One last hug! 

My last day I was kinda worried I'm not gonna lie! Being in Joe's house alone not not able to speak or understand much Spanish but God again surprised me! The morning wasn't as bad as I thought at all! 

As I was finishing packing Rachel Joe's mom gave me gorgeous hand made with love bathroom decor!!! She had sewed it herself! I felt very honoured and extremely special! Thanks my Ecuadorian mom!!! I love you! 

In the afternoon Liz came to get me! And I went to her house! I had lunch there! And then we headed downtown cuz we wanted to go to the White House but there was a protest, the president was making some kinda announcement! Liz told me but I really didn't understand! 
Here are a few pics! 
And the protest

Liz, Liz's mom and I were looking for a back pack for me, a traditional one but trying to find that was like trying to find a needle in a hay stack! I was getting kinda frustrated cuz nothing I wanted to do was working that afternoon, and I still wasn't feeling a 100%....and then Liz's mom just totally made my day! She bought me this! 
The most beautiful hand bag I've ever seen or owned!!  And some gorgeous flowers! How I definitely feel so loved n special! Words can't even express how I feel! 
B4 we headed back we stopped at a store and got these made! 

After the downtown experience we went back to Joe's house so I could take a shower b4 my long travel home! 

Then Joe's parents, Liz, David, Belen, and Belen's sister circled around me and prayed over me! Rachel said it in Spanish and Liz translated!!! Way to go Liz!!! And David prayed in English!!! I was soooo proud of him cuz he'd never prayed out loud in English before!!! 

Then we weed off to the airport! On the way the car started to over heat, so Joe's parents had to stay with the car n I hopped into Belen's car with David and Liz! And we were off to the airport! 

I checked in and then we said goodbyes :-( so hard and sad! David gave me one of the best gifts EVER!!! A Jands t-shirt!!! That is their youth group! I really really wanted one! And he gave me one as a goodbye gift!!! 
And to top it off I got to hear Joe's voice one last time on the phone!!! 
Saying goodbye sucks big time! But I pray that coming to Ecuador now can be a yearly thing! As a holiday! Or who knows maybe more! Joe I'm serious if you find me a job teaching English I'd seriously consider it!!! 
And I hope and pray that Liz and Joe can come to Canada next summer!!! I told them not to come in the winter cuz they would freeze to death! 
I love and will miss you all my Ecuadorian friend n family! You will always be in my heart!!! 

Well I am currently in the Houston airport waiting for my flight to Denver! I get to fly to Denver! 
Please pray for my stomach it's not doing so well! I ate breakfast and immediately had to  use the washroom! About to take Imodium again...would appreciate ur prayers! Thanks! 
Canada here I come! 
Ugh so Houston won't left me post...hopefully Denver will, I am in Denver! Last flight, last leg!!! 
The last plane was huge! 2 aisles! Like there was 3 seats in the middle of the plane! Biggest plane I've been on!!! 

And free tv! 
Ok I better board or they will leave without me! See u soon Canada! 

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