Monday, 12 August 2013

'Home' sweet home!!! Aug 12

Wow what a night! Longest bus ride EVER!!! I slept maybe 3 hrs in the whole 12 hrs! I couldn't sleep cuz the bus was sooooo HOT! And I was so uncomfortable!  The rest of the time I made up songs like... "Where are we, where are we, I don't know, I don't know. Somewhere in Ecuador, somewhere in Ecuador. We are lost!" Lol and it was a one hit wonder! Lol today everyone from the team is singing it lol!!! Also I was Dora all night, cuz there was a Diego on the team! And Sergio was swipper the fox and Emily was boots lol yup I know I sound nuts... This is what happens to be at 3:30am lol

So we got home at 8:30am and I went to sleep! And I slept till 3pm! I was worried cuz some of the team was suppose to come over at 3 for desserts, lol not sure why I was soooo worried, this is Ecuador, and Ecuador time means ur on time if you are 1 hr late!!! Lol so I had time to slowly wake up and take a HOT and RELAXING shower! 

So at 4pm people started showing up and Liz, Genesis and I made...a chocolate cake, white cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies and non-bake cookies! It was awesome, tiring but so much fun!!! 

After the food was consumed lol or devoured lol the guys cleaned up!!! I was soooo shocked that a lot of them had never had these sweets before, I had to buy a muffin tin and a cookie sheet cuz Joe's mom didn't have one. Another thing I take for granted!!! 

For supper we went to one of Joe's friends house, we finally ate at 11pm! We have rice, chicken and French fries! Sooo yummy! I was starving! 

And now it's bed time!!! Good night all

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  1. Hola Carlita! I'm all caught up on your posts! They were very interesting reading and I shared them with Floris, who is with me for a couple of weeks because I finally had my surgery. I always enjoy watching you grow through your posts, and to see this part of God's ministry through your eyes. Still lifting you up in prayer! *Anne*