Monday, 12 August 2013

Lord give me strength! I need some! August 11

Wow I have no energy today :-( all I wanna do is sleep but my back hurts, well my whole body hurts...I am definitely not use to sleeping on concrete floor! We have it so good, in Canada well even in Quito too. The things I have taken for granted like having a comfy bed, having a hot shower, eating food other then chicken and rice...and WAY more! 

My prayer is that the Lord will open my eyes to I can see things through His eyes! I want to have compassion but not pity, I want to have gentleness and love for others that only comes from the Father of love and gentleness! I wanna show God to others through my actions and words to others! 

This morning in debrief we had an extended time of worship, I'm not sure exactly why everyone was in tears but I have a feeling it was the Holy Spirit moving in the kids lives! It was really neat to experience! I didn't understand the words but I did feel the presence of God and the Holy Spirit!!! Jo also told me that the pastor was talking about forgiveness and love! 

After debrief we cleaned the church up to get it ready for the Sunday service tomorrow, it was a pretty relaxed morning...which is good cuz I didn't have much energy at all, I think it's a mixture of not getting enough sleep due to the hard floor, and the HIGH altitude! I can tell its a lot higher in the sky here! I have made sure I drink lots of water. I probably should be drinking more but I'm already peeing like every hr! 

For lunch the team had cow tongue, lol I say team cuz I didn't have to eat it cuz it was made in a cream sauce, this was a time that I was thankful for my milk allergy lol!!! I was given a bowl of fish soup, not gonna lie it wasn't my favorite but I ate it! It was way better with lime juice (well I think it was a lime, it was green and sour!) it was a lot better then I thought it would be! 

In the afternoon we did more VBS! The team lead them in songs, did a puppet show on Noah's ark and did animal foam craft puppets! The kids seem to really like it! I love watching the team interact with the kids, it's a lot different then my Canadian team obviously cuz they can communicate to the kids way more then us lol! 

Before supper the team played a game call Mafia. There is a mafia person, a nurse, and a detective! I didn't play cuz of the language barrier but it was fun to watch! And a few of us gathered around my iPad and watched the flash dances in Step Up Revolution as well as play free-flow! 

Supper was really yummy!!! It was a fried rice!!! Soooo good, the bast meal we have had thus far in Celica!!! After supper we went to the town square where we played soccer, dances, and did a drime! 

For debrief I shared my testimony to the team, I'm not sure why but starting today's testimony was extremely hard to do, it was like there was something in front of my mouth not letting me begin to talk, that's when I prayed in my head that what ever it was it would go away in JESUS' NAME. And it worked I was able to share, it was still really hard cuz I added some pretty personal stuff, but I did it, cuz I wanna bring God glory! 

After I shared, then we broke into partners, and each person in each group had to mins each to talk about what God taught us today. And then we shared, I didn't understand anything that the group said really at all, but I'm glad they saw or heard something from God. 

And as I write this I am in the girls room with all the girls. As the girls are sharing about their lives and where they need pray. 

I'm exhausted I'm trying not fall asleep but its not workin' so well! Lol please pray for the team that the unity will be strong and that we are able to finish strong!!! We leave tomorrow at 10:30am for Loja it's a 4.5 hr bus ride, then we leave for Quito not till 9pm. So I'm not sure what we are gonna be doing except eating, the team will have pizza and I think I will have a burger or something like that! 

Ok it's 4am and the girls sharing time is finally over... If it wasn't for Liz I would not have known what was going on at all! Thanks Liz! I just love her!!! Good night or good morning, 7 am is gonna come quick! 

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