Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Zoo and hospital

Hey so yesterday was a LONG day! I got up at 8am and had bread for breakfast and headed to the Zoo! We took 2 city buses, a ride with a creepy guy (cuz we hitch hike...don't worry I wasn't alone Joe and 7 of his friends were there too!) and a coach bus and a ride in the back of a pickup truck...all to get to the Zoo! Took us like 2 hrs! 
I was really excited to go and really enjoyed it until like an hour or so into our time at the zoo...I became sick, the worst I've ever been in my life, it was coming out of both ends and pain full :-( so we headed back but only took a ride in the pickup, 2 buses and a taxi home! No hitch hiking! 
When I got home I took turns sleeping and pooing! Finally in the evening like 630 Joe decided I needed to go into the hospital to get checked out cuz I was still in a lot of pain, freezing, couldn't stop having diarrhea, and hadn't eaten anything since breakfast. 
We first went to the international hospital but had to leave there cuz a) I didn't have a credit card and b) didn't have $200-300 to spend to get checked out. So Joe took me to a hospital that his mom went to to have a knee surgery like a month ago! It was a nice hospital, the nurses n drs knew what they were doing, and there was no wait time and even bigger bonus was it only costed me $20! 
After pooing in a cup and After They took blood...(they could find a vein, cuz I'm dehydrated they ended up taking it from between my elbow n my wrist...OH MY GOODNESS was that PAINFUL! I actually was screaming n crying) we waited for the test results to come in. 
Lol Joe took a pic of me in the hospital! Sorry it's not a pretty pic!
The results are I have a very bad intestine infection I'm on lots of meds! Gross ones I might add! 
I have not slept this much in my whole life I have no energy :-( please pray I start feeling better as I fly home tomorrow night and arrive home Friday afternoon! THANK YOU!! Today I'm just gonna rest! It's hard to rest when I know I'm leaving tomorrow n I wanna go do stuff! :-(

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