Monday, 12 August 2013

Interesting day August 10

Well today was an interesting day! It started off WAY to early, at 7am! I was not ready physically or spiritually for devos that early in the morning. And not knowing Spanish really bugged me, which has really only been the only time it has really bugged me! So Jo told me I could have some 'alone' time! So I took advantage of it and went to have a shower! However I didn't realize that cuz it's electric you are not suppose to turn the water on full, so it was a COLD shower! Oh well it woke me up! While I was showering I was able to listen to worship music so it was nice!  After my shower I was ready to take on the day!!!   

Breakfast was interesting, some deep fried bread thingy with chicken and other stuff in it, it was decent, however it needed ketchup! And I had a jam bun!

After breakfast we went to the locate school and invited the kids to the VBS at 2! The kids were so cute and really excited to have us in their class room...they thought it was pretty funny that I was the only gringo and the only one that couldn't speak Spanish!

After we were at the school we came back to the church and painted! It's really interesting how they water down the paint to make it go farther, we wouldn't do that at home but it works here! While we were painting we listened to my iPhone music! Toby Mac, Hillsong and Jesus Culture!!! It was fun! 

Lunch was yummy! And it WASN'T chicken!!! It was beef! And rice! 

So after lunch we went to the town square again to do VBS, it was interesting to see Ecuadorians do VBS verses us Canadians doing it! When we got there, I noticed that the kids didn't come running to the team, and become cling ons! I asked Jo why and he said its cuz they weren't white gringos! They were passing out candy and playing games so the kids liked it! The only time I saw the kids be cling ons was with one of the guys named Samuel! He is one of the teens on the team and has a way with kids! At one point he had like 15 kinds on top of him! I took a ton of pics and of course held a baby!!!!  What can I say I am just drawn to them!!! While we were at VBS there was a flood happening upstairs in the church where we were sleeping, Jo and a few others went back early to check out the damage and to clean it up...there were a bunch of girls and guys sleeping bags that got all wet, so they have to sleep on cardboard boxes and have blankets. And the rest of us stayed at VBS! 
And Joe doing nails!!! 

It was all going well until Samuel fell with all the kids on him and he really hurt his hip and his thigh. It hurt him so badly that we decided he needed to go to the emerge. So after we prayed over him Jo and I and the pastor took Samuel to the hospital.

Wow that was very interesting! Definitely not what I'm use to! Here are a few pics! 


The results were good, nothing was broken it was just a big hit or bang lol those are my doctor terms! Lol they did give Samuel a shot in the bum, poor guy was soooo scared I had to hold his hand! Poor guy!!

I'm not gonna lie supper was not very good I really tired to eat it but I couldn't do it so I gave it away as it is extremely rude to not to eat what you are given. After supper the team went to play soccer and I stayed back with Samuel cuz he has to rest for today and tomorrow. We watched the flash mobs in Step Up Revolution! And the songs in Pitch Perfect! Time went pretty fast! 

And debrief was difficult for me cuz I couldn't understand it, and I didn't want Jo to translate it cuz I wanted him to just be there for the was just nice to be with the team, in their presents! I love them...crazy to say since I've only known them for like a week or more they are becoming like family! Well we are family in Christ right!!! 

Well I'm off to bed now. Tomorrow is a late morning!!! 8am!!!!!

Ps I forgot to add another thing I need to get use to for the next couple of days is that there is water in this town only for a few hours a day, cuz from what I understand the town doesn't have a lot of water so they are reserving it, if that makes sense. Lol which is kinda ironic today when we had a flood inside today cuz someone accidentally left the water in the kitchen sink on. 

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