Saturday, 17 August 2013

Back home

Well I got home yesterday at 2:30pm, it was soooo good to see Joanne and Hannah at the airport! And it was great catching up! 
When I got home I put my flowers into water! 
And they didn't die, they look amazing! I love them!!! Liz please tell your mom I love them and again THANK YOU!!! 
And everyone said that they loved my hand bag too!  

At 5pm I went to the dr! Only had to wait an hr which is really isn't that long at all at health first! The dr told me that the dr in Ecuador gave me the right stuff! I am starting to feel better during the day, however when I eat my gut really hurts. 

I tried to go to bed early last night but my body thought different...I couldn't stop coughing for like two hrs last night. It was annoying. 

This morning I got up at 11:30am after trying to get up like 3 times, I kept saying I should get up and then would fall back asleep! Lol I guess my body needed the sleep! 

After I ate some breakfast I went to my new place and got the keys!!!! It's soooo amazing!!! I feel soooooooo blessed!!! 
 It rained like crazy here this afternoon 

Then I just hung out and relaxed! I really miss Ecuador tho! Every part of it, even the chicken! Lol I miss everyone sooo much! I think I've whatsapp like every minute! Sorry guys if I'm being annoying! 

I was soooo happy and excited that I got to Skype n Facebook my amigos in Ecuador! It was sooo good to hear your voices and see your faces! Made me wanna be at church with u guys :-( I miss you guys more then u know! 

Tonight was church time! It was great to see some of the youth at the Gate we had a service outside, it was nice to be outside! 
It was hard to be there in the moment cuz my stomach was killing me, it was shooting sharp pains! I was in soooo much pain, a few of the youth prayed for me! I love being a part of a family of God that can pray for each other! I feels so special n cared for! Thanks! 

After church I started packing! I packed all of my willow tree ornaments up and some of my DVDs! Then my stomach attacked me! And I had to stop packing for the night! 

So I'm relaxing with Joanne watching so you think you can dance!  And then bedtime! Can't wait for tomorrow!!! I get to see K-Lynn...after a month!!! I miss that little one like CRAZY!!! 
Look at her face!!! Love it! <3 can't wait to see her!!!! Good night please continue to pray for my body! My stomach n my cough! 

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