Friday, 2 August 2013

Chucha a famous soccer died :-(

Greetings from Quito so pretty much the city/country shut down today, in memory of Chucho Benítez a famous soccer player passed away for days ago from a heart attack. Sad cuz he was only 27 and has four kids. 😟 

Now for an update on me! Last night the team left it was very weird to say goodbye to the team n still be in Quito! Nice but weird! Last night I stayed at Ashley the teams host apartment. I didn't sleep well cuz I wasn't sure what was happening in the morning...I found myself getting anxious cuz I didn't know what was going on, when Jo was picking me up, what we were doing etc! 

I realized that that is one thing that God wants me to do, is not be anxious but to let go and let God! Give him my anxiety and not worry! Lol way easier said then done! Please pray that I can let go of my anxiety n just live in the moment with God! 

In the morning it all worked out! Jo and his dad did come get me at 8:30! And we loaded the car and headed to his house! Where his mom welcomed me with open arms! I felt great to hug her! Right away the amazing hostess that Jo's mom Rachel is she made me homemade juice and bought the best homemade bread!!! So delicious!!! 

Then I gave all the clothes that some of you guys donated to them! Seeing the faces on their face made it totally worth it! It was like Christmas n I was Santa Claus! They just loved them all! Only thing is I lost on shoe to a pair of Rachel's  favourite shoes lol oops oh well she was given 4 pairs so she was very happy! 

After we were done that we went thru the bags of vbs stuff heartland donated to Jo! It was great again to see Jo's face he looked so touched n blessed! When to other leaders from his missions experience team came n look at all the supplies, and they made a list of more things to buy and then we were off! We rode in a blue wasn't really busy at all, in fact all four of us got a seat! We went shopping at little stores near the huge church we went to on the first full day as a team in Quito! 

Man craft supplies at these stores are incredibly cheap! Jo bought 20 roles of foam for like 20 bucks, which is nuts cuz that's a buck a role. And each role you could cut up into probably 15-20 sheets. The crazy thing is that a sheet of foam at home is any where from 50cents to a buck! So we spent all morning and part of the afternoon shopping for craft supplies! 

Then we had lunch! Rachel made chicken pasta and a chicken supper, I didn't eat the soup tho! She didn't make me eat it, cuz it had all the left over piece of chicken in it! I told Jo I'd eat it but Rachel said no no she has pasta! No complaining there on my part! And the pasta was sooo good! 

After lunch we went shopping for a tambourine one of Jo's friend David needed one! And then we headed to the church where Jo's missions team practiced some songs n dances! We were there from like 4pm till like 8pm.

At 8pm we came home and I had supper and Jo went for a walk! Needed to pray n spend time with God! 

Well I'm actually going to call it a night! And have some quite time myself and then go to sleep! I'm tired! 

In closing can u pray for me that I can pick up some of the Spanish language, and that I'm not anxious cuz I don't have a schedule a head of time lol that I can rest and trust God that whatever happens its God ordained! 
Thanks!!! Good night! 

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