Friday, 2 August 2013

Said goodbye to the team:-( another adventure starts :-)

So it's 1am so I can say good morning! What a long day! It started at 7...crazy thing is at 7am I was wide awake, which as most of you know I am NOT a morning person! However during this experience I have been able to deal with the early mornings! And some of them were early! 

So we started the day off at Casa Gabriel which is a house for boys that were on the streets and wanted to straighten up! It was so good to see Phil and Deb again too, as well as some of the boy, well they are more like men now! Amazing ambassadors of Christ! 
At Casa G Deb told us about Casa Adalia! Which is a girls home that hasn't been opened yet....they are just praying that God will open up the right doors, as well as that God will give them wisdom! 

After Casa G we headed to the equator the middle of the world! Where we took pics as well as did market stuff! The girls really enjoyed the shopping! 

Then we went to el Refugio! It's a retreat centre! Where we spend 2 hours in solo time in nature! It really wasn't that difficult which surprised me a lot! It was actually nice to spend alone time with God! 

Then at 8ish we headed to the airport. And the team headed was very weird not to be going with them! 

Now my adventure starts! I'm not sure what all is going to happen but I know that my time is God ordained! I'm super excited to see what God has in store for me! 

Please continue to pray for safety, and that I get the most out of these next two weeks that God wants me to, as well that I find time to rest! 

Oops I fell asleep before I pressed send again! Hope you all have a great day! 

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