Monday, 5 August 2013

God watches over! N answers prayer!

Today was a good day! I actually slept in a bit today! I woke up at 8...ok now that I hear me say 8, that's not sleeping in at all  in my books. Lol when did I start thinking 8am is sleeping in!?! 

For breakfast Jo made me eggs!!! Scrambled eggs! And yummy bread!!! Ugh I love the homemade bread here! Jo live like 2 or 3 minutes away from a bakery! It's pretty yummy! Love the smell when you walk in the door!!! SOOOO GOOD!!! 

After breakfast Jo's mom invited a friend of hers to come and do my nails. I don't normally get medi n pedis but it was a nice gesture of Jo's mom! So I went along with it! They actually look good! The worst part hands down was when she touched my feet...UGH! I HATE my feet being touch probably more then I HATE mornings lol! But in the end they look nice and feel smooth! However I was told that I need lotion on like every day cuz I was SO dry especially my heels! They were sooo bad! 

After the pampering we went, well I went to McDonalds to eat! And Jo and his friends had steak and chicken! I have learned that steaks here aren't like the Alberta beef juicy steaks that we are use to! They are very thin! Taste good bug definitely not what I'm use to! I've already texted Shawn and Joanne that I really want a steak when I get home! 

After lunch we went to the super maxi and this is my highlight of my day! When we were shopping for vanilla one of the skaters at La Roca was there! His name is Joshua! He was new to Ecuador and La Roca, none of the other skaters knew much about him. I wasn't sure where he was or how he was and I've been praying for him a lot! So it was super cool to see him at the grocery store! He told me that he has a job in the mall at a store called Lee, I guess it's a clothing store! And I didn't get to talk to him much, but from what I hear from the other skaters that Joshua hasn't been around La Roca, which now is understandable cuz La Roca is in the north and he now works in the south. Which doesn't sound that far and doable but it's actually really far! Like 1.5 hr bus ride, and you have to switch buses at least once or twice! So ya it was awesome to see him again! If you don't mind joining me in praying for him! That he will find God, and that God will help heal his brokenness :-( 

Then we went to the church again! Lol I'm beginning to think that Jo lives at the church! He is there like every day for like hours and hours! 

They learned a dance to undignified by David Crowder Band! They are planning in doing a flash mob to that song on Wednesday afternoon! Should be good! Jo wanted me to be in it, I said lol heck no, not gonna happen! Lol 

After the dance lesson a lot of the missions team came to Jo's house to organize supplies to take to Loja on Wednesday night! It took like all evening and they still aren't done everything! 

Wow it's after midnight! I should go to sleep! Thanks for all the prayers! Please continue to pray for my cold, I go through spurts of time where I am ok, and then all of a sudden I'm like sneezing a 10 sneezes or more in a row! And feel miserable. Please pray that that goes away by Wednesday night! And also continue to pray for my nerves, n anxiety that I have at the moment but I know this missions experience is totally God ordained and I'm excited to see what He's got in store for the team n me! Love n miss you all!  


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  1. Hi there Mees Carlita...I am again caught up on your are a voracious writer! It is very exciting to be following you into your next mission...thinking of you and praying often...*Anne*