Saturday, 3 August 2013

Worshipping God without reservation, why do we a lot of time hold back

So get this! Today I had the opportunity to sleep in but of course my silly body was up and wide awake at 7am. However I lounged in my bed for like an hour and a half lol! It was great! 

Today we went to the church and did some craft prep, I cut soooo many small foam pieces it's not even funny! My hands hurt after! 

Then we went came home for lunch and Jo's family had company. They all spoke Spanish, I was able to figure out only a little...but the food was so good! 

After lunch we went back to the church where Jo's mission team practice dances n drama for like 2 hrs while I messaged with Renata and others! Thank God for iMessage n whatsapp!!!! Lol

Church started at '5' lol I say 5 with ' ' around cuz it didn't actually start till 5:45! They started with games, and then moved into worship! 

I was amazed by the worship! There were a lot of guys n and they were even into the worship, you could actually hear the guys louder then the girls! It surprised me cuz at home guys hardly sing at all, it's like they are super self conscious! I just wish we could be like this where there isn't a care in the world, no one is distracted bytheir neighbours beside them. They are just in the moment worshipping God our Creator! They definitely feel free to worship!  

That is why I called this post whet I did! Do u feel free to worship God the way you want? Or do u feel judged, or silly!?! I encourage you all just to let the Holy Spirit lead you in how to worship to experience the best worship experience! 

After church we went out to celebrate one of Jo's friends birthday! I really wanted shrimp but they didn't have any :-( sad day! So I had chicken! A pretty cool tradition that they practice is that after the meal everyone says a little something to the birthday person, like why they mean so much to them, it's like what the Dillons do! Toast to the birthday person! 

I started this post last night, but I was to exhausted to finish it, I got a cold yesterday and it has hit me hard, I can't stop sneezing n I can't breathe outta my nose, and my throat is sore! And as well I wanna learn the language...Spanish, I am picking out some of what people r saying but I was wanna understand more!!!  Please pray for me! Thanks! God bless you all n thank you for following my time here in Ecuador! 

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