Tuesday, 24 April 2012

A day of therapy

Hello everyone! Today was a good day!

The day started off again with chapel! I enjoy chapel! I'm learning more Spanish songs! This chapel was a little different cuz I brought Amanda one of the girls that has a disability up from the 'baby room'! She really enjoyed chapel time, she was giggling and laughing and sometimes I swear she was even trying to sing! It was great to see her so happy!

Then after chapel it was therapy time ! I took Amanda into the therapy room and we worked on her core muscles. To be able to sit up with support! She did great!

After therapy I went to pre-k and read books and did puzzles with them! And had snack with them! They are really getting use to me and my expectations! Cuz they listen much better! I have come to realize that they understand more English then I thought they did lol

Then it was time for more therapy! This time I had Elena ...she one of the tiny twins, her goal is to practice sitting up! She also did great! She was able to sit up for a good 2 or 3 minutes at a time!!! Which is awesome! And she didn't even get upset! Then it was her nap time!

When i took Elena downstairs for her nap I went to get Michelle! Her goal is to learn how to intentional play...what I mean by that is seeing a toy and intentionally crawling up to the toy and pushing the buttons to make it work. So at first I went hand over hand to put the button to make it spin and then stopped to see if she would push the button and she did!

Then I went to take Michelle back and and got Sautin. He is a twin and it's actually his and his sisters bday tomorrow! His goal is to learn how to
crawl on his hands and knees. He is a army crawler! (On his belly.)

These therapy sessions were great to cuz Renee and Darnelle were there too to ask them questions on what each of the kids goals were so I knew what to work with them with!

Then it was lunch time! I went down to help serve food! It was chicken, rice and soup! I got to try some to!

After lunch I sat in Tandy's office and worked on the questions that she gave me to answer about my time thus far at Shell and CDF. The questions I was talking about last night that I was putting off!

And then after I was done answering the questions I rewarded myself with baby time lol! I went into the 'baby room' and played with the kids! It was a great reward! Lol

After work I walked up the big hill! And I realized that I can now walk up it and talk at the same time! Lol might not sound like a big thing but at the beginning of the time here I could walk up the hill without huffing and puffing let alone hold a conversation, but today I was able to talk to Melissa as we walked up the hill!

So right after work I went to met with Tandy, to answer the questions that she had give me...earlier I messages her asking her if I could email the answers to her and then she could talk
to me if she had any questions...she didn't go for it lol. It was hard to answer the spiritual question and the other questions for the most part were easier to answer.

God has been so good to me this far! He has given me peace here, I haven't felt anxious or overwhelmed once (other then the meeting with Tandy...I don't know why I was so anxious it wasn't that bad!).

This evening I was going to go watch the dance therapy aka dance exercising class but I got talking to some of my youth from back at home! It was nice to connect with a few of them!

Well that was my day in a nutshell! I hope your day was good too! Please pray as I start processing my time here and try to figure out if this is the place for me!

Chao chao for now! Miss you all!

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  1. When you get back you can work with K on some of her goals! lol I love that you rewarded yourself with baby time :) Praying for you!