Monday, 23 April 2012

Got pooped on today

Hola! Hope everyone is doing well! I can't believe I've been in Ecuador for almost 2 weeks...time has gone so fast! But I have done a ton of things in the last two weeks!

Lemme tell you all (or y'all for all y'all american people lol) about me day! Today for chapel the kids said the pledge to the Christian flag and the bible in Spanish...I guess one week it's in English and the next it's in Spanish.

After chapel I went down to the 'baby room' the best place in the world! I held Leonora! She is just so tiny! And cute and the best thing of all there is two of them!!!

Then I went into pre-k...I took them outside to put a handful of dirt on a plate! Then inside I put a bit of white glue on the dirt and let the kids mix it! I'm not sure why...that is just what the teacher instructed me to do with the kids! The kids loved it, the texture was awesome for a few and for a few of the kids it was a bit to much!

Then after pre-k I took Michelle outside to play! She is the sweetest little girl...when you walk into the 'baby room' she is the one that pulls herself up in her crib to greet you with the biggest smile every!!! She really enjoyed playing with some toys outside in the cloudy sky. It was nice that it was cloudy cuz it wasn't as hot, still was hot but bareable! I have not worn pants here in Shell once! It just so hot! I love it!

Then came lunch time! And this is when I got pooped on lol. I was feeding a little guy names Frixson his bottle. And I heard a wet fart, and then I felt something warm, and then it was all over my pants and the floor. All I could do was say ah help and point to him and the floor! One of the tias named Heide looked and laughed,..then took Frixson and took him to the tub and hosed him down. I attempted to wash my shorts was gross to say the least! I told the staff and they said now you are officially welcomed and accepted to CDF lol!

After that I went to go feed the fish! CDF has a pond with fish the grow and feed to one day eat. It was fun to watch the fish all come! Lol yes I know small things amuse me lol

Then I went back into the 'baby room', I changed my first diaper at CDF...this is a big deal cuz the don't use diapers like we do at home. They use two pieces of cloth and then a plastic bag that is shaped like a first tie the back of the diaper around the front of the baby, and then flip the baby over and tie the front of the diaper around the back of the baby! It's really strange I know but it works when it's put on properly. If its not you get pooped on lol!

Then it was home time! At home I was working on a few questions that Tandy gave me about my time so far at CDF and Shell! It was all easy until I got to the spiritual questions. Those are the questions I still haven't answered.

I 'took' a break and went to dance therapy which is the dance workout thingy I wrote about a few days I didn't try it again! I went to play with John-Paul!

And now I'm back at home! I decided to write my blog before I really sat down and thought about what God been speaking to me about. And if this is the place God is calling me too!

Ok I lied now I'm going to the grocery store first then I'll work on the questions!

Pray for discipline lol
Later guys

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  1. LOL this so reminds me of when Kailyn pooped on me! lol so funny I can picture it :) I'm curious as to what those diapers look like. Loves!