Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Lord's day

Buenos nochos! Today was a busy day!

I went to church this morning with Lizzy! This wasn't a regular service tho! It was a baptism service. So we walked to the church and then went on a bus. The bus took us to a bible camp.

It was raining like crazy on the way to the camp. And when we got to the camp and were sitting in the chapel area it stopped raining. So the pastor said that we were going to do the baptisms first. So we walked down this path, it was very gorgeous there! I've attached a few pics to show you all how pretty it was!

So we got to the end of the path and there was a 'pool' lol I put the pool in '' cuz it was a cement square, and water ran in it from the little creek and left it thru some wholes to the other side of the creek. It was not your typical American pool that's for sure! That was where the baptisms happened. Three of the pastors went into the water. And I think there were 6 people being baptized, it was really neat to see! And in between each of the people there was a guy that played his guitar.

Then after the baptisms we went back to the chapel. And we sang worship songs. After the singing the guy that was leading asked if the new people would stand up, so I had to stand, and Lizzy introduced me. Then the pastor spoke and we had communion.

After church there was a food and fellowship time. We were to bring our own food and drinks. We all sat in the cafeteria area! It was neat to see the church as one happy family!

Following lunch we moved the party lol to the court...there a big game of basketball and then 'football' aka to us soccer happened! Lol I didn't play...can you guess that I did??? Yes that's right I spotted the cutest little baby boy! He had soooooo much black hair and thick! He was only 1 month old! So cute!

After the games we went to the 'pool' and some swam, and some got throwin' inti the 'pool'! Lol it was funny to watch! I was luck I had a camera and I was a guest they left me alone! Lol

We got back onto the bus at 4 and it started to pour, so hard. It was pretty awesome how God kept the rain away for all day and when we were driving back it rained again! God is good!

At 6:30, Darnelle and I went over to Tandy and Dwight's house for supper! They made southern food! We had homemade baked beans, a noodle salad, and this bbq sauce meat on a yummy! It was nice to see and chat with them and have something other then chicken and rice!!!

And when I got 'home' I went into the washroom to go to the washroom, and after I was done I went into my room. I felt something crawling on the inside of my I pulled down my shorts as fast as I could and threw them on the ground. Got on my flip flops and stomped on my shorts over and over again. I heard a crunch and my shirts were wet. So I knew whatever it was it was dead, so I shook out my shorts and sure enough there was a cockroach in my short, which was not dead laying on the floor. Was the most disgusting thing EVER. I feel sooo grossed out. I was actually thinking to God...are you sure that you want me here God in this cockroach infested place. Aaaaaaaaaaa soooo gross! I feel all squirmy. YUCK!

Well I'm gonna go to sleep please pray that I don't get carried away by cockroaches or eaten by them lol!

I'm ready to start week two!!! Please pray everything goes well and I stay safe and get no more bug bites!

Thanks! Love and miss you all!


Ps I've also added pics of the volcanoes...the one that doesn't have snow on it is the active one!


  1. Hello Carla! It sounds like you have had a really nice weekend (minus la cockaroacha!) In Mexico, Linda ALWAYS left the lights on, and the cockroaches would not scurry around. As soon as she turned the lights out they would start running around looking for food. So even now that she is back in Canada, she still never turns out the lights! I don't think you have cockroaches as bad as she did...can you sleep with the lights on?
    Anyway, i hope you have a really good day at CDF Monday. I will talk to you later,
    Love ya,
    Denise and Fam.

  2. Hey! That pool is soooo cool! I always get goosebumps and cry when ppl get baptized :) It must've been an amazing experience! I have to admit that I laughed at you a little bit when I read the cockroach story lol (although I would've been equally freaked out!!!) Kailyn misses you and she's growing! 15 lbs 6 oz. Daisy had a pretty serious head injury this week and scared us pretty good, but she's totally fine :) PTL! Loves!