Monday, 30 April 2012

In Quito...back to drinking a ton of water

Hola! Today was a good day, actually quite relaxing surprisingly considering I am in Quito and Jo's life is so crazy lol

I am up at 7, my body was like ok time to get up! And get on with the day! So I had breakfast! Jo finally got up around 8 after bugging him to get up, just like a sister does to her brother lol

We left the house at 9 to catch two buses to go down to the Valley of Quito to a mall. This mall was a stinkin rich mall. It took us an hour from the time we left the house to the time when we got to the mall. It took two buses. Ps I'm still not a fan of buses esp standing on them cuz the traffic is soooo crazy here!

We got to the mall and found out that the pastor that he was meeting there at the mall was not gonna be there for like 2 hrs, he was running really late. It didn't make sense to head back home on the bus and come back cuz it's an hour each way. So we killed two hours in the mall. I had to buy lotion for my itchy legs and power-aid drinks to help keep my electrolytes up. And we just sat around and people watched and talked. Time actually went fast!

They around 12:30 the pastor showed up and Jo had his meeting, I was able to pick up a lot of what they were saying! But then I got bored so I went online with my iPhone, cuz there was a free open wifi there in the mall!

After the meeting we ate and by the time it was time to leave it was like 2:30-3 and I was tried and didn't feel like standing on another bus so I offered to pay for a taxi. It only cost $15 and it was I think over an hour drive with traffic cuz traffic was starting to pick up! To me that was not bad price, for comfort lol! I know I'm so spoiled in Canada! Having my own car and never having to ride the bus!

When we got home, Jo took off to go to the bank and I stayed back at my Ecuadorian home! He's little brother and niece were home. They came into my room and I offered them my iPad for games! They loved that! Their fav game was fruit ninjas lol!

Then I listen/watches one of Wade's sermons online. And then Jo and I watched cardboard testimonies on YouTube!

For supper I had the wonderful privilege of taking Jo and his mom out to Tony Roma's! They had never been there ever in their lives! The food was very yummy, a little more expensive then back at home but total worth it! It was totally worth it to bless them! It was a thank you supper for opening their home up to me!

I back home now and just chilling with Jo and his twin brother! Well honestly, we are in the same room, but not talking to each other! Lol Leo is on the desk top computer, Jo is my iPhone and I'm on my iPad lol! I know it sad but yet funny at the same time! Jo's mom came over to us all and pointed to us all and said 1,2,3 and laughed lol! It was cute!

Please continue to pray that I listen to God's voice! And Jo is sick with a cold so please that he gets better and that I don't catch it! And please pray that I remember to drink water, cuz I need it here in Quito. I am over 9000 feet, today I had like 2.5 liters of water and I am still feeling like I need more! I've have drank that much water before, not even the summer I was here lol but I was not as health conscious! And I my body was not happy with me! This time my body is more happier!

On a side note I miss CDF :-( I miss the kids there, it felt really weird not walking down to CDF and see the kids and holding them and doing therapy with them.

Well I am gonna sign off now! And maybe talk to someone in person lol and then spend time with God! Love and miss you all! And thanks for ur prayers!


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  1. Hola Carlita! Just a quick hello to say I was here. As I read, I was thinking, hey, it's weird that Carlita is not at CDF, lol. (ehem, and also weird that you are an early bird! maybe it's a touch of elevation sickness? ;) *hehe*) I'll pray extra for your health, while trusting in God's provision for you. Looking forward to seeing you again! Hugs! *Anne*