Saturday, 28 April 2012

Heading to Quito tomorrow

Hey! Wow it's almost midnight here in Ecuador! I've just finished packing up all my stuff. I decided to do it today because tomorrow morning I'm going to church with Kelcy. And I'm not to sure yet the exact time I'm heading to Quito, looks like around 3.

So today I 'slept' in lol it was only till 8 tho, my body is use to getting up early now! And I'm not grumpy in the morning. I think it was tho cuz I have time to wake up on my own! Sounds silly but it makes a huge difference for me!

I actually am proud to say that I was able to light the stove... The stove is the top part right!?! I tried to light it with the lighter but I kinda got scared so I lighted a piece of paper on fire and lit it that way! Whatever works right!?! So I was able to make myself eggs and toast!

In the afternoon Kelcy and John-Paul and I went to CDF to say good bye. :-( it was sad. I got to take pictures of me and the kids! It was nice to see them all one last time. They will always be in my heart! And I honestly could see myself returning in the fall, but I wanna pray about it more and debrief with friends and family and my support team! And the staff at ACCI! I don't want my coming back just to be just it was an awesome time and I love the kids and the staff. I want it to be because I feel and know God is calling me! Know what I mean!?!

We stayed at CDF for a good 3 hrs and then went to supper at a more expensive restaurant here in Shell. I say expensive cuz my meal came to $11 compared to the 2-5 dollar meals I've been buying thus far!

After supper I went over to Patty-Sue's house where Kelcy is watching John-Paul, Patty-Sue's son! (side note Patty-Sue is in the states raising money for CDF!) I went there to watch a movie and tv! Which is a big thing cuz I haven't watched tv in 2 weeks lol in English too!!! I know that's sad that I got excited over tv lol

Then I went home in a taxi! And got home and started to pack up for tomorrow! I'm heading to Quito for a few days before I leave for home! I'm leaving now cuz this ride isn't gonna cost me $150 it'll prob only cost me $50! And this way I can spend more time with Jose-Luis and his family and see his friends again...they have become my friends very quickly! I feels so special and love around all of them! They are all so welcoming and friendly!!! And hopefully I'll be able to see a few people I met last summer like Kristen and Manuel and Cameron- who had a baby not that long ago!!!

Well it's after midnight now I best be hitting that hay! Pray I get a good sleep in the house alone, last night was not bad! This is my last day in Shell! Hopefully not forever tho!

Good night all!
Ps I've attached a few of my fav pics from today!!! Ok I lie prob about 10 pics it was hard to choose, cuz I took a lot of pics of me and the kids! Lol

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  1. Hi my friend!
    I have sat here many a moment, thinking about you, what to key in. I am unable to put my thoughts properly into words...I guess they will have to wait until you get back. Those are beautiful photos!
    What will it be like for you in Quito, now that you have CdF in your blood? I eagerly await your next posts!