Thursday, 26 April 2012

Roasted peanuts today!

Hey! So this morning started out a little different! I woke up at 6:30 on my own without an alarm! I had a lot of extra time to kill so I decided I'd roast peanuts! The stove here is a gas and the lighter button broke so you gotta light it with a lighter. This catch is the light is a cigaret light. So needless to say I'm a little scared to light it so I got Melissa to do it for me! The peanuts actually turned out not half bad, defiantly not store brand quality, but not bad for my first time!

Then we called at taxi cuz it was raining, and we were kinda running late lol! I can't get over how cheap a taxi ride is tho! To CDF a 15-20 min walk is only $1.50 for a taxi! And when I went to Puyo like the first day I was here which was like 20-30 mins away, was only $5.00! Cheap!

When we got to school! I went to the 'baby room' and was handed one of the 8 month old twins, Leonora! So cute I just love them both! They remind me of the little Kailyn the baby most of you see me holding at church on Sunday!!! They are just so tiny. Prob look like a 3/4 month old, not able to sit up :-( but we are working on it! They are doing great! Ok bad to my day! So I took Leonora upstairs to chapel!

After chapel we did therapy! Her and her sister Elena's goal is to sit on their own! Which as I said before they ate getting better at it! Their best time is in the morning!

After Leonora, I walked around upstairs with Diego and Jacob. They are both learning how to walk! They were just motoring all over the place!

Then it was baby time! We use both double strollers and I carried Amanda! The two strollers went for a walk and Amanda and I went to the little creek that is like 20 feet from the CDF building! She really enjoyed the noise of the water running and the sunshine!

Lunch time followed! I helped serve the food and the cook gave me a plate, here in Ecuador It is rude to not accept food or to not finish what they gave you, even if you don't like it you must eat it to not offend them! It was a yummy noodle soup, rice and sausage and a bean salad. The soup was amazing the rest of it I wasn't a fan of but I ate it! I have actually forced myself too to eat carrots, defiantly haven't enjoyed them but I ate them!

After lunch I went back upstairs to the storage area where all the shoes and clothes that were donated are kept! I finished the job! In total that job took me 3-3.5 hours to go thru all the shoes. Good news...I didn't see a cockroach today while doing the shoes!!!

And I of course rewarded myself with baby time!!! I went down to the 'baby room' and got to play with the babies and hold the kids with disabilities!

Then it was home time! We got a ride home from the guy that drives CDF's van, cuz it was didn't rain all day long it was actually a really hot nice day, it just seemed to rain at the beginning and end of our day!

At home I ended up having a nap again! Man the heat and getting up early and going all day long tires me out! And the amazing thing is I actually still sleep at night to!

After my nap we had supper, we had a egg and bean burrito! It was yummy! And after supper around 8:30 we went to go play catch with a football on a lighted basketball court! It was fun!

And now I'm waiting for the drier to be finish drying my clothes. The washer doesn't work it leaks water. I really shouldn't have used it but I was seriously out of clothes it was either use a leaky washer or where my clothes inside out or no clothes or just plane where stinky clothes...I chose using the leaky washer! Lol

Well I'm actually tired! I'm gonna pack it in now! Still haven't heard word on when I'll be leaving Shell to Quito please keep praying! Thanks everyone for you amazing support and prayers I appreciate it more then words can say! Love you all


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