Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Taught pre-K today!!!

Hola, buenos nochos!!!
Today started off with chapel again! The kids sang a few songs, sang the anthem and said the pledge to the Christian flag and the pledge to the bible!

I was going to follow around one of the rehab staff but the teacher from pre-k had to leave so I taught the class most of the morning! I taught as well as learned myself that Feliz is happy, triste is sad and enojado is mad! As well as circle is círculo, rectangle is rectángulo and triangle is triángulo!!!it was fun! There were a few trying times but God gave me patients to get thru it! And most of them didn't know English!

Then in the afternoon I got to play with babies!!! There were a new set of twins, girls...Elena and Leonora! So cute, and tiny...they are 8 almost nine months old and the size of a two or three month old. They are both bit delayed, can't sit, or hold a bottle or roll over. They were abandon when they were born cuz mom got pregnant with them like a few weeks after she had a baby,and she could take care of 3 babies and like 4 other kids. They are just so precious! I wanna keep them both!

Little Diego was not himself today, he got his vaccination needles yesterday, so today he wasn't a happy camper. Very sad and tired all day. Poor little guy:-(

Tonight is a very relaxing evening. I had the opportunity to go to a dance workout thingy but I decided to pass, I'm just to tired, maybe I'll try it tomorrow night! It's a free class and it runs every night from like 6-9 and it's a drop in thing! I just might die lol doing it, I can't even walk up a flight of stairs and not be out of breathe...being over 9000 feet altitude is hard on my
Body and lungs!

This morning the sky was so clear that you could see all three volcanoes around Shell! And you could also see the one that is active spit out ash! It was cool! I guess last yr the town Bano which is at the base of the active volcano had to be evacuated! And Shell had ashes fall like snow.

I just found out that the therapy lady that I told you about yesterday, I went shopping with her...( her name is actually Darnel) she is in the hospital right now...they think she might have appendicitis do the doctors are watching her for like 18 hrs. The good thing is that the hospital is actually really good here...it's run by missionaries! So she is in good hands! But please pray for her! I know she would appreciate the prayers!

Praise report...I'm starting to
Sleep really good at night and actually wake up refreshed in the mornings and also wake up before my alarm!!
And I'm feeling really good health wise, no cold, no headaches and walking up the HUGE hill (bigger then Connors hill in Edmonton...would be sick to sled down lol) is getting easier!!!

Please pray for clarity and to be able to hear from God if this is the place for me! I am really starting to like it here! It's a lot slower paced then Quito, and I can't believe I'm saying this...but I'm missing the business lol but getting use to the gorgeous scenery that you see in the pictures below!!!
Well I'm gonna go have some quiet time with God!
Dios te bendiga
Ps I've attached a few pics of some kids too!


  1. Beautiful view from your(?) balcony? Now what i really want to see is a pic of la cockaroacha! (Just kidding Carla, I really hope you don't see another one again!)
    The kids are beautiful too, and it looks like they are in pretty nice surroundings from what we can see? Is the orphanage alright? Are they in need of anything to take care of the kids? (besides really great people who will love the chicos!)
    Alright, looking forward to you getting into the groove of teaching those little ones some things, and finding out what they are going to teach you!
    Enjoy your sweet sleep!
    Love the Lawton Clan

  2. Oh it is beautiful there! And the children are soooo precious! Are you feeling more settled now? Do you wanna come home or stay there forever? I'm itching to hear more and more! You are in my prayers and you are much talked about here :) Miss you!