Saturday, 21 April 2012

Sickest tree fort EVER!!!

Hola! My Saturday was very relaxing and fun filled!!!

It started off with breakfast with Melissa, Kelsey and John-Paul (the head boss of CDF, she is away so Kelsey is taking care of John-Paul) for breakfast I had pancakes, eggs, bacon and fruit for only $5! Pretty sweet deal!

Then after breakfast, I came back to the house and relaxed! I had a cesta! Which was very nice!

After my cesta I went with Liz to the sickest tree fort ever!!! I've posted pics when I can get them! It reminded me of the Swiss family Robinson's house. And the coolest things is there is a room up top that you can rent. Well I wouldn't want to rent it now cuz it's to old and run down! This place was called Casa de Árbol meaning house of the tree! There was also a swimming pool there! It was raining most of the time we were there but it was still really hot and nice to swim! I enjoyed it a ton! There was also a few caves there too, I went inside with Liz and her friend David...we used Liz's phone as a flash was ok until there were bats that flew right us. They scared me like crazy I actually screamed. Lol David laughed at me lol. I basically ran out of that cave as fast as I possibly could in the dark. It was scary to say the least!

And on the way back we hitched a ride with a family, Liz and her 2 friends rode on the back of the truck, like on the bumper holding on to the canopy that was on the truck and I sat in the back of the truck under the canopy! Cuz I could hang on tight enough, and it was kinda fast and made me nervous and scared!

When I returned 'home' I had a shower and then we have company, a bunch of Melissa and Liz's friends came over. It was nice! A few of them actually spoke English! There was one guy name Henry...Melissa and Kelsey talked to him in English and he talked to them in Spanish. So I knew he could understand English...and then he out of the blue asked me where I was from! I was shocked...for some reason I didn't think he could speak English lol I found out that he was an exchange student in the USA a few years ago! So his English is very good!

All in all it was a great day! I have load some pics! A few of the place in an staying at and a few of the pool and caves! And a pic of the white board...the story behind it is not that long ago this house was broken into. Don't worry tho the security is better now here!

My legs are getting better for itchiness the baking soda is actually working! Thanks mom for the idea!
I am gonna go watch a movie now!

Good night all!

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  1. Wow! That sounds like a fantastic day! Love the pics :) You look like you are enjoying yourself! As always, can't wait to see you home again :) Hugs!