Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Two left feet!

Hola! Lol I'll explain the title later! So my day began with baby time, I joined the team that is here from Texas (I road here with them) and we took all the babies and kids with disabilities outside! The awesome thing was I was able to take a little girl named Dolly outside in a wheeled chair, she just loved being outside...the Tias (what the kids call the staff there...english it means auntie!) told me that she never gets to go outside, because she is normally in physo therapy or having her ventalin treatment. So that was very special for her to go outside! She was smiling and giggling the whole time! It was really awesome to be apart of!!!

After that I went into the pre-k class and learned about rain! And they did a craft! They are so cute, there are 6 of them!

For lunch I got to go downstairs where the kitchen and rooms where the kids sleep are and help out with feeding the babies bottles! That was fun too lol I know doesn't sound like much fun to most people but I loved it, I was totally in my genre!!!

After lunch I helped feed one of the girls with special needs eat and I hung out with a boy names Edison! He is deaf...the cutest little boy ever!!! I talked with the Tias and learned sign language to be able to talk to Edison! He is so funny! I learned more
Spanish and taught one of the tias the body parts in English and she taught me them in Spanish!

Then after work we hiked up the big hill to come home. I am walking so much my shorts are becoming loose on me I always have to pull them up! Lol

I ate a small snack when I got home cuz at 6 I decide to go to a dance exercise class at the locate gym! Wow was it hard!!! This is why my blog today is called two left feet!!! I have to left feet, once the dancing got fast it got to difficult for me to keep up! And after like 5 minutes I was sweating buckets! And out of breathe...the higher altitude doesn't help at all lol it was a not bad of a class, not sure if I'll be doing it again, but it was fun to with others do it! And best of all it's a free drop in class, there is like 3 or 4 instructors that switch off every 20 minutes, and one does aerobics and another does the dance, lots of salsa moves. It goes from 5-8 it's a drop in thing so you don't have to stay the whole time! It's hard tho! Defiantly a good workout!

Now it's 9:10 and I'm finally relaxing! I going to go to bed soon, last night there was a crazy storm, the thunder and rain was sooo loud it woke me up
a few times! And even today there were a few huge down pours of rain! And pretty much all the buildings have tin roofs so it makes the rain extra loud! I guess they don't call this the rain forest for nothing!!!

I'm actually gonna go spend some time with God!!!
Love you call and thanks for praying for me!


  1. Hola! I'd probably have two left feet too...if I tried to do a dance exercise class in flip-flops, he, he ;)
    Sorry, I have to be quick tonight. I enjoyed getting updated and looking at your photos...nice to see those beautiful faces!
    Hugs to you! Off I go...will pray for you.

  2. I am sooooo not coordinated and find those workout things so difficult! Good for you for trying it!