Sunday, 29 April 2012

Safe and sound in Quito!!!

Hello everyone! Wow what a long day! But a good day!

I went to Pentecostal church today in Puyo! It was along service! But a really good service! And a bonus was there was a guest speaker that was USA so he spoke it in English and their pastor translated it! So I got to hear a message in English! It was on King David and relying on God in the hard crappy times!

Kelcy and I took a few of the kids from CDF to church! So after church we took them out for lunch! It was really neat to see how much they enjoyed their meal and they were so well behaved! You could tell that a lunch out was a real treat to them!

After lunch I went home to wait for my ride. I got a ride with a few missionaries from the juggle. The ride was long, I had two naps during the trip! I don't know what it is about a moving vehicle but it puts me to sleep! Lol

During the trip to Quito I had to go pee sooooo badly that it hurt. I was praying that God help me hold it or give me a washroom! It felt like forever, and the driver knew where a washroom was. I like bolted out of the van as fast as I could I think the van was actually still moving a bit lol! And I got back to the van and told the driver GRACIAS!!!and he said in Spanish that he didn't want me to pee in the van on the seat lol!

I got to Quito around 9! And Jo and his twin brother came to get me! It's nice to see them again! I told Jo's family all the words I learned in Spanish and they laughed! Lol

And now it's almost midnight so I better go to bed! Please pray for my last few days in Quito that they go well and that God speaks to me...actually not that God speaks to me cuz he's always speaking! Please pray that I will hear God! That's a better prayer! I get to go on the trolley buses again tomorrow! Back to the busy life! I just found out that Quito has over a million people! Crazy!!! No more slow pace life for this girl anymore on this missions experience!
Good night all! And God bless you all!

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