Friday, 27 April 2012

Last day at CDF :-(

Hey guys! Thanks for checking up on me and what I'm doing!

Well, today was my last official day at CDF:-( however I am gonna go by one last time tomorrow!

Today I got to help again with therapy, and while I was doing therapy with a few children I got to talk to Renee and ask her what she thought I would look like if I returned in September. I got some insight on their goals on how they want the therapy program to work. They want to implement a schedule for the day. Which says which children come upstairs to do therapy and what time! The program and schedule they want to implement sounds great! Very appealing, very promising!

Also today I went around taking pictures and videos of Edison, the boy I've talked about that is deaf! I was taking videos cuz there is a family in the USA interested in adopting him! Please pray it works out! The resources in the USA are so much better for deaf kids!

For lunch I helped serve the food again! The offered me lunch too! It was chicken fried rice and soup! So yummy!!! I love Ecuadorian food!!! Haven't had chicken foot or cow stomach yet tho lol! Apparently they are amazing....not to sure lol

After lunch I was able to take one of the double strollers and take 2 children out for a walk around the building outside, and then come in and get to new kids, I did this 3 times so I was able to take 6 kids outside on little walks!

It was pouring so we called a taxi to drive us home! When I got home I took a nap! Then I cooked plantains...they looked amazing but I found out I don't like plantains. It's the texture that I can't handle! I've attached a picture of the plantains!

After supper I went to young life...a youth group outreach. It's for the neighborhood youth, they play wide games and sing and do a quick message! Most of these youth don't
know the Lord. So it's a good outreach for the community!

When it was over we played in the park for a few minutes and then got a taxi to go back to CDF... We got a taxi cuz it was dark and apparently there is a big boa snake on the loose that likes the woods and path up to CDF. I'm so glad we got a taxi cuz that would be FREAKY to come across a boa in the dark.

So as I say in the beginning I am going to go visit CDF tomorrow to say goodbye to everyone there and hopefully get some pics with the kids!

And this weekend Melissa is gone so I am in the house alone. It's a big house, kinda nervous but I know God is bigger! Lol I'm reminded of the veggie tales where jr the asparagus watches a scary movie and he's afraid at night ! He starts singing God is bigger the the boogie man... Lol. please pray for me, that I can sleep and not be to nervous!

Also a praise report! We found a ride for me to Quito on Sunday morning! With a guy named Ron (I think). He's the head of the missionary ringos in and around Shell! I've met him on in passing! Seems like a nice guy!

Well I'm off! Thanks again for all your prayers and support!


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  1. Mmmmm.....that plantain does look delicious! Did you put salt on it? That helps :) I didn't like it either when I tried it (I was 13). Maybe I should try it again. I can't wait to see all your pics! If you do go back I could teach you sign language first so you could communicate better with Edison! (does he sign? How old is he?) See you soon, Carlita! Loves and hugs and prayers!