Friday, 13 April 2012

So many people everywhere!!!!

Hello again!!! Today was a very busy day! And it only began at noon for me...I woke up this morning with a killer headache. I took some Motrin and drank like a whole liter of water and like 30 mins later it was gone! I am amazed how much water I need to drink here in Ecuador, yesterday I drank 2 liters worth of water plus non-caffeine tea and today I upped that to 2.5 liters and still tea and apple juice! It's amazing to me how much water my body requires to function here in Ecuador in the high altitude!

Sorry I was rambling lol now to get back to what I actually did today!!! As I said before my day started at noon! When Jose got home from youth world we went on a bus to Argela Alta!!! It was cool to see all the children again! I saw Pastor R's mom and she recognized me right away lol I guess my pink hair is something unforgettable lol. She hugged me, told me it was sooooo nice to see me again and asked when I was coming back again and prayed a blessing over me it was a very neat and humbling experience. We were not able to see the pastor and wife cuz they wherein another city like 5 hrs away, so kinda unplanned trip. I also was able to see the mural we painted, it still look really nice in some parts but others that weather has done some damage to it, it was pealing off, understandable but sad.
Then we came back to Jose's house for lunch, had a fish soup and rice a true ecuadorian meal!
After lunch we went to the north side of the city...yes you guessed it more buses! The north side of the city is very rich, there we joined some of Jose's Facebook friends and handed out fliers and held a banner saying Kony 2012. We told people about the little children in Africa running and fearing for their lives. At first it was soooo out of my comfort zone...I wanted to badly to shut down and hide in a corner. But that is when I started to pray!!! I prayed that God would give me confidence cuz I did not have any! And as I was praying a few of Jose's friend came up to me and made me be apart of things and then I held the banner and waved at people! It actually became fun!
After that we walked to the youth world office cuz Jose had to do a presentation to some youth sponcers and pastors. While we were walking Jose informs me that he had no idea what to talk about and asked me to pray while he was talking. Well to make a long story short he ended up talking for like 2 hrs! (in Spanish of course!) I'm not gonna lie that was a long 2 hrs...(sorry Jose if you are reading this lol nothin' against you! )
He was done speaking at 9:30...ande still hadn't had supper (ps Abby if you are reading this you would fit just right here they done eat supper till late at night just like you lol)
On the way home we stopped at a burger place it was sooooo delicious!!!
And we are not turning in for the night!

Ps I can't believe how popular Jose is every where we go he knows someone, defiantly something I need to get use to hanging out with him! And I also forgot that Ecuadorian people don't have a bubble around them ask personal space! I'm defiantly getting use to that!
Tomorrow I am sleeping in while Jose goes to do some street evangelism...kinda hard for me cuz I don't speak very good Spanish yet...while he's away I'm gonna sleep and then prepare for the afternoon cuz I will be sharing my testimony at Jose's church. Please pray for me that every word that comes out of my mouth is from God, that I say exactly what God wants the youth to hear!!!

Oh ya I almost forget to share a funny God answering my prayer moment!!! So we are on the bus coming home after Jose's talk at youth world, and the bus is packed, like packed your touching people in every direction, and we are standing. I'm tired and standing is hard to do normally let alone when you are tired and hungry. So I'm praying that someone who is sitting that their stop would be real soon so I could take their seat....I was like praying God I know this is very selfish but please I want and feel like I need to sit in a seat and just as I finish praying someone got up cuz it was his stop!!! So God answered my prayer and I got a seat!!! God is soooooo good!!!
Love and miss you all! Hugs

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  1. Hey Chica!
    I am so proud of you doing some of the things I've been reading! We sure don't absolutley depend on God aswering our prayers here at home like we do there, hey? It is Good!
    Keep letting us know all the details, I am looking forward every day to hearing what God has on your schedule!
    We are praying for you....
    love ya,