Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Safe and sound!!!

Hola amigos!!! It's 12:24am here and I'm laying in bed listening to the wild dogs howling and barking! My flight to Quito was great! I was so tired I fell asleep before take off, lol I think I kinda woke up during take off cuz I think I kinda remember it not sure tho lol I got to Quito and my fear came true Jose wasn't there waiting, I wasn't sure what to as I am anxiously waiting I started to pray that God would calm my nerves and help me. And just as I was praying that, a lady came up to me and started speaking to me in English...(ps that was like the only one that I heard speaking English) she asked me what flight I was on and where I was coming from and where my ride was, where I told her I don't know. But I had Jose number in my phone so the lady's husband called Jose. We found out that he was on his way!!! The lady then said we are not gonna leave you until he comes. And we talked. She volunteers at a catholic church teaching English, math and something else. Very nice lady!!! I just love that I am having major God moments already!!! After Jose and his mom Rachel and Tim brother picked me up we got into the car...the good Canadian of me went to reach for the seat belt and they laughed at me, and told me that only the people in the front wear seat belts lol. The ride was really cool, it feels so surreal, I can't believe I'm here again in Ecuador!!! We went thru two huge went right thru the mountains soooooo cool!!!! But the adventure didn't stop 10 minutes from Jose's house we got a flat tire. So everyone out of the car!!! We couldn't find the jack to lift the car up but after some looking and praying we eventually found it! And changed the tire! And we are on the road again! Oh a funny moment I gotta share...when we were stand out on the curb changing the tire I am in just a t-shirt and Jose and his family are all in jackets and his mom Rachel was so worried about me, I told her lol there is no snow it's warm lol. When we got to the house I got settled in my room and Rachel made rice and chicken!!!!! Hmmmmm I've missed Ecuador rice and chicken!!!! Well it's quarter to 1 I better go to sleep, I'm getting up at 7am and we all know how I function in the morning. Lol please pray for me that I remain healthy and look for God is the small moments! Love ya Carlita

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  1. No seatbelts for backseats? Weird! (I know, I am reading this now and you are almost done your whole trip....I'm slow lol what can I say)