Thursday, 12 April 2012

Experiencing Quito life!!!

Hola! Well today was my first full day in Quito! I was another adventure! My day began at 7am...and yes I put on a smile and was friendly and polite! Lol was hard but I forced myself lol!!!

Jose's momma made pancakes and eggs for breakfast! It was really delicious!

After breakfast was when the real adventures started! The bus ride...oh my goodness I have never seen that many people crammed into a bus before...(not even Canada Day inToronto compared)! I'm waiting for the bus and all Jose tells me is watch your bag and just push...I was like ah ok, I later found out what that really meant. There were people everywhere and I of course was right in the middle of the crowd of Ecuadorian people. Not good for someone who is claustrophobic...but I took deep breaths from way down in my abdominal and prayed!!! It was soooooo packed that we had to stand so me being so short was like under everyone's armpit, gross I know tell me about it!!! I had to use muscles I haven't ever had to use before, it was I think kinda like surfing....which I totally suck at lol I was hanging on with one hand for dear life and the other hand was on Jose's arm cuz I couldn't balance at all it was sad lol. And keep in mind traffic rules don't apply here in Ecuador lol.

So we finally made it to an English college-where they only teach Ecuadorian people English and that's where I met Jose's best friend Diego and Gabby, (short for Gabriella). I spent the morning with them cuz Jose had to work at youth world. So I went with them to check out a wedding venue...we took another 3 buses there and a taxi. The venue was gorgeous!!! Then took another taxi and 2 buses back to youth world to meet up with Jose for lunch. We ate at this Chinese restaurant it had really great food!
After lunch Jose went back to work and Diego and Gabby and I took 2 more buses to go back to Jose's house.

Then after Jose's work we went to Jose's sister kayla's school for a teacher appreciation presentation where she did tae kwon do routine! It was cool to see!

After that we took another bus to the mall that the HAC team went to in the summer! This mall kinda reminded me of west Ed cuz there were rides. We went to get Cameron a baby gift and do grocery shopping! Fun times, on the way back tho we took a taxi.

At supper time I was able to share my testimony-God story in my life to Jose's family! Jose had to translate. It was nice to sit down with his family!!!

I'm excited tomorrow I get to sleep in! Jose is working in the morning till 11 and then we get to go to Argela Alta!!!!! Can't wait!!
please pray that I can keep understanding Spanish, it's getting easier but I still can't talk it very good. And also please pray that I keep remembering to do the strategies I've learned in counseling when I'm stressed or find myself in stressful situations!!!
Well I'm off to sleep!!! Good night all!


  1. Sonya Sokoloski12 April 2012 at 21:44

    My the Lord be with you beautiful!! Today sounded like a full on day but you got through with God's help. I am praying for you beautiful!!! :)

  2. Hola! Thank you for sharing your experiences, you write them so well I can "see" with my mind and it so interesting! I am praising God, our faithful Protector! Gotta go already, bell has rung.